Optimised Powered-up Performer's Group Coaching

Unlock Your Team's Potential with Science-Backed Performance Optimisation Strategies and Neurotechnology
Are your top-performers powered-up and thriving?

Are your people achieving peak-performance that’s sustainable and not at the expense of their physical health and mental wellbeing?

When your people thrive, your business thrives.

Research tells us:

“Many Australian executives, leaders and employees are powered down and burnt out. They’re not operating in their ‘power zone’. They’re surviving, not thriving. They’re living ‘low resolution’ lives.”
Dr Kristy Goodwin.
38% of the workforce currently faces burnout symptoms
20% of Australian workers lare ‘thriving’ at work .
50% of employees say they’re experiencing ‘a lot’ of work-related stress

Perhaps your high-performers aren’t on the precipice of burnout, but chances are they’re not consistently performing at an optimal level. Research confirms that many leaders are experiencing unprecedented levels of stress, exhaustion and distractibility. This has dire implications for their personal productivity, mental health and physical wellbeing and on subsequent organisational success.

It’s likely that your top-performers are typically operating well below their capacity because their ways of working (and living) are incompatible with their neurobiology: the ways that their brains and bodies are designed to operate.

We’re not designed to be:

always on
rarely focused
never rested

Diminished performance is costing organisations in terms of lost productivity, reduced innovation, absenteeism and/or presenteeism. This is costing employees and executives in terms of their performance, physical health and/or mental wellbeing.

Imagine what’s possible if you equipped your high-performers with the skills, insights and capacities that would allow them to perform at high levels. Imagine, what could they achieve? Imagine, the impact on your organisational output, bottom line and the cascading consequences this would have on their colleagues when your high-performers were powered-up. Imagine what would happen if we redefined human performance in a digital world. That’s exactly what the Optimised program delivers.

We need to support human-centric performance in the digitally-demanding, boundaryless age we now live and work in. That’s exactly what the Optimised program delivers.

Science simplified. Performance amplified.

Introducing OPTIMISED, a transformative 3-month premium, group coaching program designed specifically for corporate teams aiming to elevate their top-performers’ productivity and wellbeing. When we empower top-performers to work in congruence with their hOS both productivity and wellbeing can substantially improve. Using cutting-edge neuroscience and biometric data this coaching program draws on the latest advancements in neurotechnology to drive sustainable performance.

The Optimised program blends insights from wearable technology (a WHOOP strap), personalised group coaching and accountability and neuroperformance protocols grounded in the latest scientific research. Amplify your top performers’ productivity and wellbeing using science and data. Empower your team of ‘corporate athletes’ to optimise their performance through the use of a WHOOP strap (and app) and powerful coaching.

Let me take your high-achievers to an OPTIMISED (and sustainable) level of peak-performance.

Pillars of Powered-Up Performance

Dr Kristy has distilled the latest neuroscience and research to identify the three pillars of powered-up performance. This framework underpins the Optimised Program:

Key Features of OPTIMISED:

Wearable technology insights: Utilise wearable tech insights from WHOOP to make data-driven decisions to optimise performance and wellbeing… no more time wasted on redundant strategies that simply don’t yield results.
Personalised coaching: Benefit from group coaching sessions tailored to the unique needs of your team members and the specific demands of your organisation. No generic advice or one-size-fits-all approach.Instead, science-backed solutions and customised advice.
Asynchronous learning participants can access six learning modules at a time, location and pace that works for them via a private Learning Lab.
Accountability: bi-monthly group coaching calls will ensure your high-performers embed the micro-habits and track their progress over time.
Neuroperformance protocols: Implement neuroscience-backed protocols to enhance focus, energy and productivity at work and beyond.
Peer community Learn from a community of your peers and be coached by a world-leading neuro-performance expert and researcher.
Program participants will learn the science underpinning how they can work in alignment with their hOS, so they can unlock their full potential and achieve sustainable peak-performance.

Personalised guidance

Customised feedback (no generic advice). Science-backed advice based on participants’ own biometric data from WHOOP and cutting-edge neuroscience-backed performance habits.

Powerful focus

Work more efficiently as you apply your fully customised Power-Up Plan to understand how your brain and body work best. No need to guess if what you’re doing is working- your biometric data will guide you.

Sustainable success

Don’t just get to the top. Live at the top. Enjoy personal and professional success… without sacrificing your health and wellbeing along the way. Discover the science underpinning sustainable peak-performance.

Benefits of the OPTIMISED Program for Your People:

  • Improved productivity
  • Increased energy
  • Higher stress tolerance
  • Better sleep quality and quantity
  • Improved focus
  • Greater capacity for decision-making
  • Enhanced mental clarity
  • Better work-life harmony
  • Sustainable models of success

The peak-performance equation...

Optimised offers personalised coaching powered by biometric data from WHOOP. Help your high-performers reach new levels of performance through building their stress tolerance, boosting their focus and investing in their recovery.

Optimise your team's performance

  • Increased productivity from you top performers
  • Lower rates of presenteeism
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Enhanced wellbeing (for program participants and their colleagues) that drives productivity and business bottom line
  • Sustainable models of success that can be emulated by participants’ colleagues

Join Dr Kristy in unlocking your team's potential.

 It doesn’t matter how many workshops, fruit boxes or bonuses you offer… your people simply cannot achieve peak-performance (or even operate at an optimal level) if they’re stressed, sleep-deprived, exhausted and distracted. Help your team take the guesswork out of high-performance and arm them with the tools and brain-based protocols that underpin performance.

What’s Included in Optimised?

  • Learning Lab – 6 video and audio modules and a Performance Playbook.
  • Group coaching calls – 6 group coaching sessions for accountability and clarity (with the option to upgrade to 1:1 coaching if required).
  • WHOOP strap – each participant receives their own WHOOP 4.0 strap, charger (to keep) and 12-months’ app access.
  • Group Report – Dr Kristy prepares a written report to document the cohort’s progress over the 90-days with aggregated, anonymised data.

Who should apply?

Due to Dr Kristy’s speaking schedule and the high-touch approach of Optimised, Kristy is able to work with a very limited number of corporate teams each year. Enquire about her current availability or waitlist details by clicking here.

  • High-performing corporate teams who are interested in research-backed solutions for their top-performers
  • Forward-thinking organisations who recognise there’s a nexus between performance and wellbeing- you don’t have to deplete yourself or work in unsustainable ways to consistently perform at a high level when your strategies are grounded in science
  • Innovative businesses who recognise that they have to invest in their people and embrace human sustainability if their organisation wants to flourish in the digitally-demanding world of work.

Transform Your Team's Performance

What’s it costing your business if your high-performers aren’t consistently operating at their best?

Experience a seismic shift in your top-performers’ productivity, focus, energy, health and wellbeing by leveraging the power of science-backed strategies and customised coaching by drawing on individual, biometric data.

For details about the Optimised inclusions download a copy of PDF.

I’ll provide your high-performers with a brain-based roadmap to thrive in the digital world.


Before the Optimised Group Coaching Program After the Optimised Group Coaching Program
Stressed - your top-performers’ days are typically punctuated by stress. Left unmanaged, chronic stress can not only diminish productivity and decision-making capacity, but it can also have a significant and direct impact on their physical health and/or mental wellbeing. Put simply, your high-achievers’ performance is diminished if they’re stress isn’t managed and/or their stress tolerance is low. Inspired- participants will learn why they need stress and how they’re biologically-designed to cope with stress as humans. Your top-performers will discover how they can work with their neurobiology, so they can feel engaged, inspired and ready to excel (at every facet of their lives). Equip your top-performers with the science and the strategies to catalyse stress into a performance enhancing tool, rather than something that constrains their performance.
Distracted - Top-performers often have little time throughout their weeks for deep, focused work and/or reflection. They’re constantly distracted by a plethora of digital distractions and demands vying for their time. Focused - the Optimised Program will use scientfiic insights and biometric data to pinpoint exactly participants’ most productive hours of the day (their ‘powered-up zone’). They’ll develop micro-habits that will help them to build a fortress around your focus during these times. You’ll develop brain-based protocols that have been scientifically proven to put the brain in an alert, focused state.
Exhausted- A common denominator amongst many top-performers is that they feel like they’re ‘always-on’ and struggle to psychologically detach from their work. This has a profound impact on their energy, wellbeing and productivity as they’re physically and mentally exhausted. Energised - Empower your peak-performers to work with rather than against their hOS by better understanding and using their brain and body’s biological rhythms to feel more energised. Arm them with personalised metrics and science-backed strategies to bolster their energy… and sustain it.
Overwhelmed - Your high-achievers are likely to feel like they’re tugged in a myriad of directions. Incessant and competing priorities, can leave your top-performers feeling perpetually overwhelmed, which again diminishes their performance and wellbeing. Empowered - Empower your high-achievers to priorities the potent. They’ll develop work practices that optimise productivity and reduce overwhelm. They’ll also be equipped with the skills to self-manage their performance beyond our coaching with powerful biometric data.
Confused - Your top-achievers often have a hunch that there’s a better way to work, but they’re unsure where to start and what to do. They don’t have the time to wade through confusing and sometimes contradictory advice and so they continue to perpetuate their current habits and behaviours. Clarity - Optimised will explicitly and logically provide a roadmap for exactly what your top-performers need to optimise their performance, based on their goals and their own biometric data. No second-guessing or trial and error. Precise approaches that have been proven to work and are based on their own neurobiological needs.
Isolated - Many high-achievers feel alone on their quest to enhance their life. Whilst some of their colleagues and/or friends may be on a similar journey, rarely are they facing identical challenges. Supported and accountable - Through group coaching and accountability, your top-performers will be supported throughout the Optimised program. The combination of your biometric data (your body keeps score) and customised support will keep them accountable and will increase their likelihood of success.

Optimise your teams’ performance and make data-driven decisions based on biometric data and science.

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