Recalibration Retreat

Rest, rejuvenate and recharge. Don’t burn out.

Recalibrate with more clarity, alignment and high performance in your life. Learn how to power-up your productivity and optimise your wellbeing with Neuro-Performance Scientist Dr Kristy Goodwin.

Dr Kristy hosts intimate retreats for high-performing female executives, entrepreneurs and leaders.

It’s a retreat – where above all else– you’ll leave nourished and recharged, with clarity about your future and a clear roadmap to get you there.
Early 2025
Byron Bay
Exclusive access

Recalibration Retreat

Rest, rejuvenate and recharge. Don’t burn out.

Early 2025. Byron Bay. Limited Access.

Who is this retreat for?

Recalibrate        your life.

This retreat is for you if you are:

  • exhausted
  • edging toward burnout
  • overwhelmed
  • tight in your chest
  • not recovering
  • not reflecting
  • rarely working in a deep, focused way
  • waking up at 2am with meandering thoughts and a racing pulse
  • longing for some time so you can just catch your breath and be idle with your thoughts
  • constantly nurturing and meeting everyone else’s needs but never your own needs
  • wanting to feel calm, focused, energetic and powered up every day
  • wanting to live a luminous life.

Rest, rejuvenate and recharge. Don’t burn out.

Disconnect from your daily
To Dos & digital demands.


Reconnect with you and
amplify your performance.

In an era where the digital intensity of our days has grown exponentially, your retreat host, Dr Kristy Goodwin invites high-performing female executives, entrepreneurs and leaders to join her at a luxurious retreat, designed so you can rest, learn and leave feeling rejuvenated. Kristy will equip you with the science and lived experience about how you can propel your life, career and leadership to new and most importantly sustainable heights, so you can experience greater fulfillment, focus and fun.

Kristy will provide the perfect blend of recovery protocols, learning workshops and the white space you so desperately crave.

Escape the everyday noise and responsibilities for a private, immersive and powerful reset.

Master your body’s natural rhythms using wearable technologies, explore breathing techniques, ice baths and other everyday habits that you can integrate into your everyday lift to optimise your performance and wellbeing.

And no, you don’t have to commit to a complete #digitaldetox. Yes, you’ll have time to unplug and disconnect from the demands that typically dominate your days. Yes, you’ll have time for your mind to meander and your nervous system to recalibrate. Yes, you’ll drop into a slower and soothing operating cadence. It will be just what your body and brain need for the ultimate reset.

My pledge to you

Dr Kristy has curated a bespoke retreat experience for you and a small number of other female high-performers. This retreat will help you to recalibrate your life.

The Recalibration Retreat is a combination of the content she typically shares in her corporate keynotes; a health retreat, with a side of spiritual experiences (if you’re open to them, as she’s a scientist who loves a bit of ‘woo’), a pampering fest and fine food experience.

It’s a retreat where you’ll begin the day with a divine, slow start to the day. You’ll learn and experience a range of brain-based protocols that will optimise your wellbeing and performance (so you’ll leave with an arsenal of tools and habits that you can easily apply to your everyday life after the retreat). Think slow, nurturing starts to your day, with no phones and to-do lists in sight. Think simple breathing practices, time for journaling, sunlight exposure, gentle exercise, and perhaps if you’re brave an ice-bath.

It’s a retreat – where above all else– you’ll leave nourished and recharged, with clarity about your future and a clear roadmap to get you there.

You’ll spend the evenings winding down, chatting by the fire, perhaps enjoying a sauna, having a sound bath (or even just indulging in a warm bath). In between your blissful morning and evening routines, you’ll spend your days oscillating between informal learning workshops, deep conversations with Dr Kristy and the other women, naps, blissful massages, facials and sound healing… all while knowing there will be no other demands on your time. No to-do Lists. No video meetings. No inbox to triage.

Dr Kristy also speaks at company offsites and can build customised retreat experiences for your leaders. Contact Kristy’s team for more information.

Recalibration Retreat

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