Elevated Executive Performance Coaching

Unlocking High-Resolution Humans

Powered Up, Not Burned Out, In A Digital World.


Executive Performance Coaching

Simplified science, amplified performance.

A 6-month coaching program so you can live at the top.

For high performing executives, leaders and entrepreneurs who are:

  • exhausted, barely stopping to take a break
  • sleep deprived- constantly tired but wired
  • lacking the time and energy to tackle the deep work
  • constantly stressed and overwhelmed and possibly on the precipice of burnout
  • drinking coffee to power-up in the mornings and wine to power-down at night
  • experiencing success but at the expense of their mental wellbeing, time with family and physical health.

More energy, greater clarity, improved focus.

Let’s hit your reset button and find a better way of operating. Let’s work together to boost your performance and wellbeing. Unlock your potential with insights gathered from your personalised, wearable data (a WHOOP strap) and a world-leading expert to guide you along the way.

Imagine if you could carve out dedicated time and space to gain absolute clarity in your quest to become the very best version of yourself.

Dr Kristy works with a very small number of high-performers on a 1:1 basis who want laser-sharp focus and to optimise their productivity, without stress, overwhelm and exhaustion. She empowers and shows high-performers how to have success without sacrifice.

Through her innovative coaching program, Dr Kristy guides you through her signature Powered Up Framework. She uses your own biometric data from WHOOP and neuroscience-backed solutions to arm you with simple protocols to enhance your performance.

You’ll get a brain-based roadmap to thrive in the digital world. Redefine your reality and results with practical, brain-based tools to optimise your performance, whilst supporting your wellbeing including 6-months access to the WHOOP app and lifetime access to a Whoop strap and charger.

Learn to work with, rather than against your brain and body.

  • Female mid-tier executives or entrepreneurs who don’t have the time to wade through books and journal articles and spend full days at conferences, but are dedicated to finding better ways to optimise their performance (at work and home) based on research and science.
  • High-achievers who are interested in science-backed solutions and using data to improve and track their performance.
  • Female peak-performers juggling the demands of their work and motherhood and wanting to thrive in both domains (without having to get up at 4am and sacrifice their sanity for success).
  • Leaders with a number of direct reports who feel like they’re constantly tugged in multiple directions?
  • Leaders and aspiring leaders who want to invest in their personal and professional and personal growth, in a way that’s bespoke to their unique needs.
  • People who are coachable- we’ll attune and access the immense capacity that you already hold the capacity for, and will simultaneously stretch you in a sustainable way.
  • Talented individuals who are feeling stressed, exhausted and distracted and are ready to find improved ways of working so they can thrive in the digitally-intense world they now live and work in.
  • High-performers who are ready to embed healthy habits that will set them up for success, both professionally and personally.
Dr Kristy’s coaching packages, including 6-months access to the WHOOP app and lifetime access to a Whoop strap and charger.
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