Ignite workshop

Spark Your Next Level of Performance.

Imagine if you could:

// Propel your productivity, without having to hustle and work longer hours;

// Develop greater focus so that you can consistently and easily tap into your power zone and plow through your work each day, free from distractions;

// Finish your work days and weeks with an abundance of energy for the people and things that really matter to you beyond your work;

// Transform your stress so it enhances, rather than diminishes your performance;

// Take proactive actions to address your wellbeing so that you can achieve sustainable high levels of performance that don’t compromise your health along the way;

// Unleash your potential and achieve results previously inconceivable, simply by learning how your brain and body was designed to operate;

// And achieve and sustain levels of performance that would catapult you to new levels of success and happiness.

Drawing on your own biometric data from wearable technology and coupling it with proven science-backed solutions means you’ll know exactly what’s required for optimal performance. No more guesswork. No more generic advice. No more ‘hacks’.  

Instead, you’ll be equipped with customised strategies and brain-based protocols that will ensure you achieve peak-performance. Success without sacrifice is possible when you learn how to work with your Human Operating System (hOS)- the ways your brain and body were neurobiologically-designed to work.

That’s exactly what you’ll gain from Ignite, a one-day high-performance workshop designed to help leaders and entrepreneurs optimise their performance, using innovative neurotechnology in the form of a WHOOP strap. When you draw your own biometric data from a wearable device and couple it with brain-based micro-habits you can have sustainable success, without sacrifice. 

The IGNITE workshop will drive:

  • Precision Performance: Gain insights into your own biometric data for tailored strategies to enhance your performance and wellbeing.
  • Sustainable Success: Learn to achieve peak performance without compromising your health, relationships, or wellbeing.
  • Science-Backed Solutions: I’ll decode the neuroscience and psychology research and arm you with actionable techniques to thrive professionally and personally.

Learn how to live and work as a powered-up, high-res, thriving version of yourself.

My name is Dr Kristy Goodwin

I’m a Neuro-Performance Scientist and I want to assure you that there’s a (science-backed) path to sustainable peak-performance. There’s a way for you to experience high levels of performance (both in your professional and personal life) without having to trade or compromise your health or relationships along the way.

It’s possible to live in ‘high-resolution’ as a powered-up version of yourself… when you unlock the science of how to thrive.

Introducing the IGNITE – Spark Your Next Level of Performance, a transformative one-day event designed specifically for executives and high-performers who are ready to take their performance to the next level. I’ve  meticulously planned a one-day workshop for senior leaders, entrepreneurs and high-performers who are keen to improve their performance and wellbeing at work and beyond. In this workshop I’ll decode the latest neuroscience and psychology research that underpins sustainable high-performance.  I’ll show you that when you learn to work with, rather than against your Human Operating System (hOS) you can power-up your performance… and experience levels of success previously inconceivable.

I’ll show you that when you learn to work with, rather than against your Human Operating System (hOS) you can power-up your performance… and experience levels of success previously inconceivable.

This bespoke workshop is designed specifically for high-performing executives, leaders and entrepreneurs who want to elevate their productivity and wellbeing- because when you work in congruence with your hOS both productivity and wellbeing can co-exist. In this workshop I’ll share how to use cutting-edge neuroscience and biometric data from a wearable device, a WHOOP strap, to drive sustainable performance.

The Optimised workshop blends insights from neurotechnology (a WHOOP strap), personalised group coaching and neuroperformance protocols grounded in the latest scientific research. Amplify your productivity and wellbeing using science and data.

Science simplified. Performance amplified.

Let me take you to an OPTIMISED (and sustainable)
level of peak-performance.​

What You'll Learn at the Ignite Workshop:

// Neurotechnology Insights: Utilise your own biometric data from WHOOP to optimise your performance and wellbeing without wasting time on ineffective strategies. Learn how to make personalised, data-driven decisions that will guarantee to boost your performance. No need for second-guessing and a ‘spray and pray’ approach to optimising your performance. Instead, science-backed, simple solutions that will power you up.

// Brain-Based Protocols: Benefit from learning the scientifically-validated, brain-based protocols grounded in cutting-edge research that have been proven to bolster human performance. Learn the simple, achievable things you can do to drive your performance, based on what your hOS needs.

// Peer Community: Learn from a community of peers and be coached by world-leading neuro-performance scientist, Dr Kristy Goodwin. This intimate, high-touch event will be with a limited number of delegates and registration will be by invitation only. If you’d like to be considered please contact Kristy’s Operations Manager, Karen.

An exclusive, boutique learning experience for high-performers who are ready to live an optimised life

What we’ll cover in the IGNITE Workshop

My one-day program is built on the foundation of three pillars of powered-up performance, distilled from the latest neuroscience research:

1. Reframe Your Recovery: Understand the neuroscience of sleep and rest, and learn brain-based protocols to enhance your performance and wellbeing.

2. Build Your Stress Tolerance: Reframe your mindset about stress and learn how to build both your stress tolerance and resilience through scientifically-validated tools and micro-habits.

3. Optimise Your Focus: Improve your focus quotient, which is the most critical skill to cutivate in the digitally-distracting world we now live and work in and learn how to align your workday with your chronotype to minimize digital distractions.

Dr Kristy will decode the secrets to performing at your peak… sustainably.

Your workshop fee includes:

  • Your workshop registration
  • A Performance Playbook (in both a digital and printed format)
  • Food and drinks during the workshop
    a WHOOP 4.0 strap (yours to keep after the workshop) with 12-months’ access to the app (valued at $500)
  • Access to Dr Kristy’s eCourse Amplified (valued at $997)
  • Executive group coaching session- Your registration fee also includes a virtual group coaching call conducted a month after the workshop to embed your learning. Building on the insights from the workshop, this session will enable you to further refine the micro-habits you’re implementing to power-up your performance and seek clarity on any of your WHOOP data, or to address any existing or emerging challenges and propel you further along your path of peak-performance. It will also be a chance for you to share successes you’ve experienced, exchange your learnings and celebrate your wins!

VIP Option:
Enhance your experience with a 45-minute 1:1 Coaching Call with Dr Kristy for $2695 and a customised Powered-Up Performance Plan written by Dr Kristy.

Are you ready to say goodbye to:

  • Feeling powered down, depleted and like a ‘low res’ version of yourself?
  • Feeling chronically distracted and exhausted?
  • Having to pay a ‘success tax’ where your high-performance comes at cost… by sacrificing your physical health, mental wellbeing and/or relationships… or all three?
  • Being stuck in a cycle of perpetual stress and burnout?
  • Barely surviving and working at a relentless pace?

Are you living and working as a ‘high-resolution’, powered-up version of yourself?

Research shows that a concerning percentage of the workforce is struggling with burnout and poor wellbeing, leading to decreased productivity and diminished performance. They’re operating as ‘low-res’ versions of themselves.

Perhaps you’re not experiencing burnout and you’re doing well. You’re already a high-performer, but you have a niggling feeling that there’s room for expansion… there’s room for more. You have a commitment to lead yourself to higher levels of expansion… and you’re not willing to compromise your wellbeing to achieve exceptional levels of performance.

About Dr Kristy - Your Workshop Facilitator

Using neuroscience and technology to power-up performers in the digitally-demanding world A speaker used by large corporations on the topic of productivity in a digital world, Dr Kristy’s keynote insights and inspiration are used by elite corporate clients in Australia and internationally. 

For senior executives, business leaders, human resources managers and staff who are always switched on, but rarely powered up, Dr Kristy provides the keys to lead, live and work more effectively. 

She shares practical brain-based solutions to power up employees and leaders in the digitally-intense world they now operate in. Kristy arms audiences and clients with the latest evidence-based strategies to decode the neuroscience underpinning peak performance in the technological era. 

Kristy’s on a mission to leverage and decode the neuroscience of sustainable peak-performance so that employees, leaders and entrepreneurs can live a luminous life. She challenges the dominant paradigm that you need to pay an entrance fee to experience success: you don’t need to burn yourself out, experience chronic stress, live in a perpetually exhausted state to be successful. Living a life of high-performance doesn’t need to equate to being a low-res version of you. 

When you work with, rather than against your neurobiology, you can experience success without sacrifice. You can live a high-res life. Her tools for peak-performance in a digital age play a critical role in the modern workplace to optimise efficiency, facilitate communication and collaboration and drive both productivity and wellbeing. Dr Kristy is the author of the award-winning book Dear Digital, We Need to Talk and Raising your Child in a Digital World, and is a former educator in public and private schools. Dr Kristy also lectured at Macquarie University and University of Notre Dame, and she has a PhD on the impact of digital technologies. latest research about screens into practical and relevant information.

Stop operating below your capacity. Join Dr Kristy at IGNITE and learn how science and biometric data can help you to easily unlock your full potential for sustainable success.

Ready to power up your performance? Enquire about applying for your spot now!

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