I’ve created a range of online products that will help you and your family thrive in the digital world.

Resources for Professionals

Digital Wellbeing Reset

Fight your digital fatigue with the And reset your relationship with technology (without bidding your phone farewell) Jump ...

Taming Email

Dr. Kristy Goodwin's Tame your inbox, bolster your productivity and improve your wellbeing. SIGN UP NOW! Do you ...

Resources for Students

Masterclass: Thrive Online

VIRTUAL MASTERCLASS: Thrive Online Access Now SUITABLE FOR COST WHERE Children and adolescents are spending more time than ...

Masterclass: Tame Your Digital Distractions

VIRTUAL MASTERCLASS: Tame Your Digital Distractions Register Now SUITABLE FOR COST WHERE Learning how to manage your attention ...

My Book

Raising your child in a Digital World

Finding a healthy Balance of time online without techno tantrums and conflict.