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Tame your inbox, bolster your productivity and improve your wellbeing.


Do you feel like your inbox is controlling you?

The hum of email pings punctuate your days (and nights). You wake up and turn on your phone and see the dreaded notification that informs you that you have 48 unread emails (that accrued whilst you slept). You check and respond to emails constantly throughout the day, or play catch up late at night with your laptop in bed watching Netflix.

Do you constantly feel tethered to your inbox? Is it stopping you from being productive? Is it causing you ‘technostress’?

The thought of going a couple of days (or sometimes even a couple of hours) without checking email fills you with panic and overwhelm (you’re the person who looks for the one-bar of WiFi signal on holidays just so you can check your emails). Did you know that there is now a medical condition called ‘email apnea’ where your heart races and you hold your breath when you dive into your inbox? You feel frustrated because it’s impossible to carve out time to get the most important work done each day, or simply digitally-disconnect from email. 

You’re not alone. Research confirms that one of the biggest sources of ‘techno-stress’ is email.  It puts a dent in our productivity, not to mention having a (HUGE) impact on our wellbeing. 

It doesn't need to be this way. My Taming Email Mini-Masterclass will help you take control of email, once and for all.

I can help you find healthy, helpful and sustainable email habits that will optimise your output at work and ensure that your wellbeing isn’t sacrificed to your (bulging) inbox.

Find more time to tackle productive work and less time ploughing through your inbox. And no, this isn’t an email course to get you to #inboxzero (although the systems and strategies I share will certainly help reduce the volume of emails you process each day and the time you’re dedicating to email).

This mini-masterclass has been designed to provide immediate support and simple solutions to managing email. No elaborate systems, complicated folders or intricate rules. Just my signature, simple 6-step system and 5-folder method to empower you to take back control of your inbox. This is an email-agnostic masterclass so it doesn’t matter if you use Outlook or Gmail or another email tool, the systems, folder method and strategies are generic and will work for you.

This mini masterclass is based on science and brain-based productivity principles to provide you with realistic, easy solutions to help you turn your toxic email habits into more productive and healthy behaviours. The self-paced masterclass is comprised of 4 quick modules that you can work through at your own pace. 

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  • provides practical advice and immediately actionable strategies to help you tame your email behaviours and boost your productivity and performance at work and home (without suggesting that you ban your phone or go ‘laptopless’). 
  • can be purchased by individuals, or site licences can be arranged for workplaces wanting to offer the course to multiple staff at a discounted rate. 
  • can also be included in one of my Corporate Digital Wellbeing Packages that includes Kristy presenting an in-person Lunch and Learn seminar and access to this masterclass.

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What’s included in the Taming Email Mini-Masterclass

DKR – Mockup

// 5 self-paced modules (the course involves just over 90 minutes of video content in total)

// each module is delivered as a video (there’s an audio to download if you’d prefer to just listen) 

// there’s an accompanying PDF Summary Sheet with the key points from each module for easy reference (as most of us now have ‘digital dementia’ and cannot commit things to memory)

// access to an online quiz to assess your EQ (email quotient); and

// a certificate of completion.


About Dr Kristy

Dr Kristy Goodwin is a digital wellbeing and productivity expert. She writes, researches and speaks about how technology is impacting on our physical health, mental wellbeing and productivity. Kristy is regularly called on by the media for her expert opinion about how digitalised childhoods and lifestyles are impacting kids’ teens’ and adults’ health, learning and performance. She has spoken at conferences and workplaces throughout Australia and internationally. Her previous clients include Apple, Optus, McDonalds, the National Broadband Network, Westfield and Bank of Queensland. Kristy translates the latest research, from a range of disciplines, into practical and realistic advice for people wanting to know how to tame their tech habits...without proposing ‘digital abstinence’. Dr Kristy is on a mission to help people develop healthy and helpful technology habits so we can thrive in the digital world.


How it works

// After you’ve signed up (or if your company has purchased an organisational licence for you to access the masterclass), you’ll receive instructions via email about how to access the online content.

// All of the content is stored in a membership hub and  you can access it anywhere, anytime.

// The mini-masterclass is self-paced, so you can work through it at your own pace. You can plough through it one go, or dip in and out as you’d prefer..

// You don’t require specific software- just an Internet connection.

// You can stop and start and re-visit the content as many times as you’d like. You have lifetime access.

// You have lifetime access to the course materials.

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