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Where empowered parents and carers find peace of mind in the digital age.

Do you worry the impact screen time
is having on your kids & teens?

Do you feel guilty everytime you hand over the iPad so you can get a few things done around the house or meet a girlfriend at a cafe for a coffee?


Does it drive you mad that your son would rather play Fortnite than build a fort with the neighbour’s kids?

Do you fret about how much time your teen spends with social media?


Are you so wary of technology that you enforce a strict no-devices policy?

Do you avoid people and places where your child will have access to screens and you’re starting to feel a little socially isolated?

How do we know what’s harmful and what’s helpful? What’s the best approach? How do we navigate the digital dilemmas we face in the techno age to raise healthy, happy kids and teens? Because at the end of the day, that’s all we’re really striving for here.

Doing things the “right” way is tougher than we ever imagined.

We’re constantly bombarded with conflicting and confusing information. Well-meaning family and friends heap their opinions on us. The media often reports the negative stories about kids and screens. Even our own childhood experiences of ‘playing outside for hours’ all combine to keep us confused, overwhelmed and second-guessing ourselves when it comes to managing our kids’ and teens’ screen-time.

Technology isn’t going away. It’s such a huge part of our lives that it can be difficult to know where to start.

We know that too much can be harmful to a child’s or  adolescent’s development, but how much is too much? We also know that screens can be a helpful learning aid in a child’s education, but where’s the line?

Here’s what I want you to know: it is possible for our kids and teens to use screens in a sensible, safe and balanced way.

There are simple solutions to our most challenging digital dilemmas.
And you’ll find them all here...

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Where empowered parents and carers come to find expert advice, simple strategies and peace of mind in the digital age.

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But can’t I just Google this information (for free)?

Yes you can, but...

  • The tech companies are constantly moving their goalposts, so I’ll do the legwork for you and help to keep you up-to-date and on top of the latest changes (for example when Musical.ly changed their name to TikTok, or Instagram rolled out new changes to deal with cyberbullying).
  • The research is evolving and changing at a rapid rate. I love reading research (I’m a self-confessed nerd) and translating it into essential information and tips that you need to know.
  • While we all have good intentions, we often let things slip (I’m a mum with a huge to-do list too). My regular email will help to remind you of simple ideas and strategies you can implement. Let me help you flex your boundary muscle.
  • I’m a researcher AND a mum. I’m going to arm you with research-based and realistic advice and tips (there will be no hype or hysteria from me).

As a mum ...

I know how hard it is to deal with techno tantrums - yep, my kids have ‘em too - fun aren’t they?!

As a researcher and digital wellbeing expert…

I help parents ditch the techno-guilt and raise healthy, happy kids and teens who thrive online and offline.

I love to translate the latest science and research about children’s and teens’ development, health and technology and turn it into practical and digestible information for parents who want peace of mind about parenting in the digital age - without having to ban the iPad or phone, or unplug the TV.

Let me arm you with the facts, not fears, about what children and teens really need to thrive in a screen-saturated world.

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And if we haven’t met yet...

I’m Dr Kristy Goodwin, one of Australia’s leading digital health and wellbeing experts, a speaker, researcher, author and (most importantly) a mum who personally understands the frustrations of dealing with techno-tantrums and fretting about screen-time and our kids’ safety.

I help parents and carers find healthy and helpful ways to raise kids and teens in the digital age, without the guilt, grief or guesswork.

I’m on a mission to disseminate the facts and dismantle the fears about children’s and teen’s use of technology.

I’ve spoken to parents, students, educators, health professionals, employees and executives at childcare centres, primary and secondary schools, conferences, corporate events and workplaces throughout Australia and Asia.

I’m often called on by the media for my expert opinion and to decipher the latest digital dilemmas facing modern parents.

Let me clear up the concerns and confusion about screen-time so you can finally feel confident and in control of your family’s well-being in the digital age.

Raising kids and teens in the digital age does NOT mean…

  • you have to turn off your wifi and ban all devices
  • you have to feel guilty every time you hand your child your phone
  • you've failed as a parent if your kid begs, bribes or tackles you for the iPad

Raising kids and teens in the digital age does mean…

  • getting informed and empowering ourselves with the right information so we can keep our kids safe from predators, pornography and peers (yep, cyberbullying amongst peers is very prevalent even from a young age)
  • focusing on the things we can do as parents to make this easier for our kids (heck, most of us accept that our kids will inherit a digital world, so we know digital amputation isn’t a solution)
  • being kind to ourselves and realistic about how hard this parenting gig is in our fast-paced modern world but knowing that simple solutions are available

I’ll show you how easy it is to manage your child’s and teen’s digital world by providing you with simple research-based solutions that won’t damage their development.

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Where empowered parents and carers come to find expert advice, simple strategies and peace of mind in the digital age.

Get exclusive and unlimited access to the online library.

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Dr Kristy Goodwin presented a seminar to a large parent audience at our school. Kristy was engaging and entertaining while presenting the content in an interactive & meaningful manner. Kristy’s expertise & experience made the parent evening a huge success.
Natasha Mitchell | Deputy Head | Shore Preparatory School, Northbridge
Kristy is a much-loved member of our Greenwood family.
She has been invaluable in supporting our Greenwood Educators & parents navigate the digital landscape that our children are being brought up in. From her speaking engagements and professional support to spearheading our technology curriculum, Kristy has helped to ease the confusion and anxiety of our parents who are raising their family in a digitally saturated environment.
 Carol Tannous-Sleiman | CEO | Greenwood Early Education

Dr Kristy Goodwin was the guest speaker for the Playgroup NSW 2015 AGM. She provided a rapt audience of our members (mostly parents of children from 0-5) with strategies for ensuring that popular technologies are used in developmentally appropriate and healthy ways with young children.

The feedback from everyone who attended was very positive and they were engaged and found Kristy to be one of the most straight forward and helpful speakers in this area. We would certainly recommend her to other organisations.

Karen Bevan | Chief Executive Officer | Playgroup NSW  

All parents should have Dr Kristy on speed-dial – if they only knew how to use their phone.

 Kids and tech use is the great unknown for modern parents. Dr Kristy has a great ability to demystify, interpret and cut through the hype. We were so lucky to have her as our resident expert for Nick Jr. Parents.

Hugh Baldwin | Director, Television & Digital Content | Nickelodeon Australia

Just think:

How relieved you’ll feel

to have expert advice and helpful resources right at your fingertips to refer to on any digital dilemma you have (at any time).

With strategies to help you

finally tame the techno-tantrums and that put you back in control of your family’s digital health and wellbeing.

Feel aware not alarmed

with facts not fears, based on the latest research and tailored information from one of Australia’s leading voices in digital health and wellbeing.

Gain much needed peace of mind

knowing you are definitely not alone in this sometimes challenging parenting journey and that you’re making informed choices for your family.

And how assuring it will feel

to have Dr Kristy answer your pressing questions via videos, eBooks and mini-masterclasses.

Tell me more, what exactly is

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Switched on Parents’ Portal provides simple research-based solutions for parents and carers of kids aged 4- 16 years dealing with digital overwhelm. Join the portal (for a one-off fee) and gain immediate access to a comprehensive library of all my top resources, videos, webinar replays, audios, PDF cheat sheets and much more. It’s all there for you to view whenever you need it.

An investment that pays for itself


A once-off fee gives you full access to an entire library of research, resources and practical strategies to help you tackle the techno wars at your place -- and for less than it costs to purchase the materials separately and without having to attend an in-person event.

And if this content helps you dissolve just *some* of the digital dramas you’ve been facing with your child, it’s money well spent.

But in all likelihood, what you'll get in the Switched on Parents’ Portal will set you up for success throughout their whole childhood knowing the real reasons behind the problems, the best ways to solve them, and the chance to ask an expert all your most burning questions and get ongoing, tailored support.

So making this relatively small investment now will ultimately pay untold dividends on your family’s long term health and wellbeing.

Exactly what do I get when I sign up?

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Live Recordings of My Signature Parent Seminars & Exclusive Video Content

Get front row access to my live packed-house parent seminars covering a wide range of topics like raising screenagers, raising boys in a digital world,  techno-tantrums and cyber safety.

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Mini Masterclasses (video + PDF Summary Sheet)

I’ve created a range of mini-masterclasses on topics such as 'Preventing Techno-Tantrums', 'Are Screens Sabotaging Your Kids' Sleep?', 'A Parents' Guide to YouTube', 'Sharenting- What Parents Need to Know About Social Media Sharing', 'Body Image in a Digital World'.

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Downloadable PDF cheat sheets + eBooks

You’ll have access to all of the resources as downloadable files that you can keep and refer back to anytime or share later with your partner. You’ll also have a collection of eBooks you can access at anytime.

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Special discounts on products I endorse

Get access and exclusive discounts to products I endorse (these are products and businesses I trust and personally use so you can be CONFIDENT buying from them.

Topics in the library include

Four of my most popular live seminars, all professionally recorded and yours to watch anytime

Dr Kristy – Course Icons

For parents of 4-12 year olds (Dr Kristy’s signature talk)

Dr Kristy – Course Icons2

For parents of boys aged 4-16 years

Dr Kristy – Course Icons3

For parents of 0-8 year olds

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For parents of 12-16 year olds

Each topic includes:



All of this material will guide, support and empower you with the knowledge you need to calmly and confidently handle any digital drama at any stage in your child’s life. But the best thing is the ease and unlimited access to simple solutions and safe ways to integrate technology into your families lives without the guilt or confusion.

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Switched on Parent’s Portal gives you advice, strategies and all the support you need to raise healthy, happy kids in the digital age.

But what you’re really getting is...

Peace of mind

Clarity and calm

Happier kids




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