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In this digital workshop, I arm parents of young children, aged 2-12 year olds, with research-based advice, practical tips and essential information about how young children can use iPads in healthy and helpful ways. I’ll also show you how to minimise any potential harmful effects of iPads (in relation to WiFi exposure, vision and hearing damage and postural concerns), so that you can finally feel good about your child’s iPad time… and finally ditch your guilt.

If you worry about your young child using an iPad, then this digital workshop will help to alleviate some of your fears. Instead, I’ll arm you with facts. I’ll share simple and effective, research-based ideas for ensuring your young child’s iPad time is beneficial.

Ditch your guilt and guesswork for good. Let me empower you to make informed decisions about how your child can use technology, without worrying that it will damage their development.

In this Digital Workshop you'll:

//  Identify the benefits of young children using iPads (ditch your guilt for good);

//  Understand the simple things you can use to ensure that your child can benefit from using iPads (no more fretting that you're always using the iPad as a digital baby-sitter);

//  Learn the essential steps, tricks and hacks to set up the iPad to ensure your child's safety, well-being and privacy (learn how easy it is to prevent 'appcidents' like in-app purchases and restrict your child's access to apps and websites that you don't think are appropriate for little eyes!). You'll learn the simple parental controls, restrictions and privacy settings you need to have set up on your iPad before your child uses it (no more confusing or conflicting advice- just simple step-by-step instructions).

//  Learn what you should look for in quality children's apps (and it's not just reviews in the iTunes App Store) and where you can source apps for young children (without needing to spend weeks getting lost in Google);

//  Identify simple, practical and healthy screen habits that will ensure that your child's sleep, hearing, vision, posture, musculoskeletal development aren't compromised when they use the iPad. We'll also dive into possible health risks associated with children's exposure to WiFi and the simple strategies families can implement to minimise any potential risks.

//  Be armed with simple, practical and effective strategies to manage your child's time on the iPad so that it doesn't end in tears and tantrums.

Please note, this is an iPad-specific workshop. Some of the information (regarding criteria for quality apps, healthy and safe habits and strategies to manage screen time) is also applicable to Android devices, but the demonstrations relate primarily to iOS devices.

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What's included?

1) Immediate, unlimited access to the video workshop.

You can download the video (and audio files) and save them to your device. The workshop is presented as a series of 6 video-based modules that you can access at anytime, from anywhere in the world, on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

2) 6 video modules (with audio downloads if it's easier to listen than to watch a video)

// Module 1- Introduction - When is the best age to introduce iPads and how can iPads support children's learning and development

// Module 2- Benefits of iPads - Ditch your techno-guilt for good and understand how iPads can support young children's learning and development

// Module 3- Essential Device Set Up - Prevent 'appcidents' and minimise any risks to your children's privacy by using the correct restrcitions, settings and parental controls

// Module 4- Quality Apps - Learn what you really need to look for in quality children's apps

// Module 5- Healthy Habits - Minimise any potential risks to your children's sleep, vision, hearing, posture and WiFi exposure through healthy iPad habits

// Module 6- Managing screen time - learn how to manage your child's iPad use without tears and tantrums

3) Downloadable PDF documents that you can save or print for future reference:

// a checklist of what parents need to do to safely set up an iPad for children's use (no more 'appcidents');

// a list of quality apps for children aged 2-12 years (no need to waste hours trying to find good quality apps for children);

// a quality app checklist (to help you purchase apps for kids and not waste time and money); and

// an iPad Agreement (say good-bye to squabbles about your child using the iPad because a written agreement makes the rules and expectations very clear)

// a Media Management Kit (have a plan in place to ensure your child's iPad time is healthy and helpful).

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I’m a children’s technology and development expert (and mum!). I help parents ditch the techno guilt and raise happy, healthy kids who thrive online and offline. I take the guesswork and guilt out of raising kids in the digital age by translating the latest research into practical and digestible information, tips, and tricks for parents so that they can feel confident and assured that they’re raising healthy, happy and balanced kids in the digital age.

I'm one of Australia's leading children's technology, learning and development researcher. As a former teacher and academic I take the latest research about how technology is impacting and shaping young children's learning, health and development and translate it into practical and essential information for parents and educators. I deliver parent seminars, keynote addresses and consultancy work throughout Australia. Some of my previous clients include: Apple, Optus, National Broadband Network, NSW Department of Education & Communities, Abbotsleigh, SHORE, Barker College, Pymble Public School. Turramrurra North Public School.

Find out more about me here.

This is an online video workshop. Once you’ve purchased the seminar, you can watch it online (this may be slow depending on your Internet connection), or you can download it (as a video or audio file). You have on-going access and can watch it as many times as you’d like (or share it with your husband).

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