Raising Digital Kids

(for parents of 4-12 year olds)

In this online video seminar, one of Australia’s leading digital parenting educators (and Mum who experiences her kids’ techno-tantrums from time to time), Dr Kristy Goodwin shares a video recording of her signature parenting talk Raising Your Child in a Digital World (for parents of 4-12 year olds).

In this video seminar Dr Kristy arms parents and carers with facts, not fears, about how technology is impacting on primary children’s health, learning and development.

Raising Digital Kids (for parents of 4-12 year olds) - About

She helps confused and concerned parents make informed decisions about how to best manage screen-time at home (so that it doesn’t always end in scream time)… and no she won’t suggest that you ban the iPad, or unplug the TV!

Dr Kristy explains how technology is shaping kids’ sleep, social, language, play, physical skills and their vision, hearing and posture. She equips parents with simple (& realistic) strategies to ensure that technology doesn’t harm their health or development and best of all she gives parents mum-tested strategies to prevent the dreaded techno-tantrum. Kristy translates the latest research into practical advice and essential information for parents so they can ditch their ‘techno-guilt’ and feel confident and assured navigating their child’s digital world.


In this video seminar, you’ll learn:

// a simple formula to calculate healthy screen-time limits for children aged 4-12 years (no, I won’t suggest that you digitally-amputate your kids)

// why your otherwise well-adjusted child throws techno-tantrums (there are neurobiological reasons that explain why your child combusts when you ask them to switch off the TV or hand over your iPhone)

// simple (research-based, mum-tested) strategies to manage screen-time without ears and tantrums

// the current cyber-safety risks facing young children (including paedophiles, pornography, violent or scary content) and practical strategies to mitigate these risks

// what to look for in quality, educational apps and TV shows for primary school aged children (no, I won’t suggest you ban the iPad)

// how to prevent and cope with cyber-bullying

// five essential no-go tech zones families need to enforce

// two times of the day where families should be careful using screens

// why we should avoid using screen-time as a reward or punishment tool (even though that may seem counter-intuitive, there are very strong reasons for not dangling the digital carrot!)

// how you can help your child establish healthy and helpful habits with technology so that you can help protect their vision, hearing, posture and general health when using screens


Watch a snippet of the presentation here:


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Raising Digital Kids (for parents of 4-12 year olds)!

(for parents of 4-12 year olds)

Video Seminar - Raising Digital Kids (for parents of 4-12 year olds)

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