Want brain-based solutions to counteract digital fatigue associated with virtual meetings?

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Are back to back zoom calls impacting your mental and physical health? (You're not alone)

Are you experiencing headaches, exhaustion and even sore eyes after days filled with zoom calls?  Why? We’re not using video calls in a way that’s aligned to our neurobiology.

In her 30 minutes “Beat Back-to-Back Zoom Fatigue” masterclass Dr Kristy will share with you:

  • The four reasons why virtual meetings are mentally taxing;
  • A range of simple, science-backed strategies you can apply to make virtual meeting; and 
  • How to protect your digital wellbeing on virtual meetings

Are you...

  • Tired of looking at yourself on yet another zoom call?
  • Tempted to start to do other things whilst on a virtual meetings (checking emails, catching up on Teams chats, online grocery shopping, social media)?
  • Feel constantly tethered to your digital devices?
  • Struggling to get any important or 'deep' work completed because of back-to-back zoom meetings each day?
  • Wanting scientifically proven ways to combat your zoom fatigue?
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b to b zoom

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