Raising Your Child in a Digital World:

Finding a healthy balance of time online without techno tantrums and conflict


Safe screen ideas for kids before bed

Oct 13, 2017
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In the Parent Seminars I deliver, I suggest that parents establish a ‘digital curfew’ so that technology doesn’t interfere with kids’ sleep. Ideally, 90 minutes before your child sleeps is recommended to be screen-free, but even 30 or 60-minutes screen-free before bed will make a difference to kids’ sleep. There are two prime reasons for […]

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Kids, sleep and screens- what parents need to know

Jul 12, 2017
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Is your child’s screen-time sabotaging their sleep? Today’s kids are spending more and more time with screens and often before bed. Many of us know that this digital habit can impact both the quality and quantity of their sleep, but we often find this habit hard to change (and for some families it’s simply a matter […]

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Why Kids’ Bedrooms Need To Be Tech-Free Zones

Jul 13, 2015
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Now this post certainly won’t make me popular with many parents and it certainly won’t be popular with kids, but it’s nonetheless important.   In this episode I discuss why it’s important for children’s bedrooms to be “tech-free” spaces. In an ideal world this means no gadgets in bedrooms at all.  No TV, iPads, gaming consoles.  Absolutely nothing. […]

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No Tablets Before Bedtime

Apr 22, 2014
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Our fast-paced, always switched-on, pinging, beeping, digital world is causing sleep problems in children.   Teachers, parents and psychologists agree that children’s use of digital devices is more than likely to blame for this problem.   Teachers frequently bemoan the fact that children today are often tired. Yes, this may be attributed to the ‘hurried […]

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3 Essentials for Child Brain Development in a Digital Age

Mar 18, 2014
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You are concerned that your child’s brain development is changing because they are leading a ‘digitalised childhood’. You are worried. And rightly so. But the good news is that you don’t need to be. I’m here to explain things.   The headlines decry, ”Technology is re-wiring kids’ brains.” Today’s digital generation are growing up in a […]

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10 Reasons Why Handheld Games do NOT Need to be Banned

Mar 6, 2014
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A recent blog post has caused much concern amongst parents and teachers alike in recent days. I have fielded a couple of media calls about this controversial post and have also had friends and worried parents asking me about some of the claims in the blog post. So I thought I should respond to the […]

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What are Your Digital Resolutions?

Jan 8, 2014
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I know, I know…you have probably been bombarded recently by blogs, Facebook status updates and emails of people declaring their New Year Resolutions. Loose weight, get fit, drink green smoothies, eat raw food, spend more time with the kids, get more sleep… Sound familiar? I am going to share some of mine, but they are […]

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Are Our Digital Devices Causing Sleep Disorders?

Aug 6, 2013
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There has been an explosion in the adoption of portable media devices like tablets, smartphones and gaming consoles. There are some concerns that their over-use may lead to an increase in children’s (and  adults’) sleep disorders. One of the chief concerns rests with the light that radiates from these devices and how it can impact […]

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