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I offer consultancy services to education providers, schools, pre-schools and children’s media developers and telecommunications companies.

I can help you to design, evaluate and/or implement appropriate digital technologies for young children (aged 0-12 years) by drawing on my research and teaching experience about how young children use and respond to the design of digital media.

Let me take the guesswork out of your design process and arm you with research-based advice or information about how technology impacts on young children’s learning and development.

Let me take the guesswork out of your design process and arm you with research-based advice or information about how technology impacts on young children’s learning and development.


Kristy is fantastic talent. Authentic, insightful and genuine in her commentary. She worked with nbn™ as part of our back-to-school campaign and did a terrific job at landing our key messages while also delivering interesting and engaging interviews across a broad range of media including ACA, ABC News Breakfast and New Idea. I would highly recommend her.

Dan Chamberlain | Public Affairs Manager – Consumer | nbn™

Dr Kristy has a great ability to demystify, interpret and cut through the hype. We were so lucky to have her as our resident expert for Nick Jr. Parents. Kristy’s blog posts were always incredibly insightful and right on the pulse of where parents were at. Her video contributions were always engaging and perceptive. In person, at our live events, Kristy was a great ambassador and we received lots of positive (and thankful) feedback from parents.

Hugh Baldwin | Director, Television & Digital Content at Nickelodeon Australia | Nickelodeon

I provide evidence-based information and advice about how technology can be purposefully designed or modified to enhance young children’s learning and development.

I help children’s media developers and designers create or refine their digital products so they they’re commensurate with young children’s learning and developmental needs.

I help telecommunications companies communicate with parent audiences about healthy and helpful ways to navigate technology in family homes (so parents can finally ditch the guilt and confusion).

I conduct independent research about the impact and effectiveness of digital technologies on children’s learning with educational providers, schools and children’s media developers.

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Why work with me?

I wrote a PhD about how the design of young children’s media impacts their learning. I love this stuff, so much so that I spent over three years looking at and conducting research in this field! My work and experience integrates aspects of developmental science, neuroscience and technology research. I not only draw on academic research, but also my extensive teaching practice and experience as a mum!

I’m adept at translating the research into practical and essential information for children’s media designers, media providers and educational organisations. I act as a conduit between the research and academic worlds and the practical realities from a parent’s, media-developer’s or educator’s perspective.


I’ve conducted numerous independent evaluations and research studies with the New South Wales Department of Education and Communities about the impact of educational technologies on students’ learning.

I’ve also acted as a children’s technology and development expert for the design of the McDonald’s Emling app (available in Australia and New Zealand).

See the Emlings app where I acted as an educational and multimedia consultant. I’ve also worked with children’s multimedia developers and producers to develop digital tools for young children that are aligned with their learning and developmental needs.

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Raising Your Child in a Digital Age - Essential tips from my book