Your Digital Wellbeing Health Check


Following Ubank's session with Dr Kristy let's revisit this tool to assess the change in your levels of digital wellbeing and focus using my 4 Pillars of Digital Peak Performance assessment.

This will provide an average overall change in the 4 different pillars (as no individual data is collected in either this or the previous assessment, data will be an average of those who complete rather than individual changes).

Managing your wellbeing and attention in the digital world are vital skills for organisations and individuals to develop to thrive and be productive in the digital world. To maintain their competitive edge, top performing organisations and individuals must protect their digital wellbeing and prioritise attention management. These behaviours and skills will become increasingly important to cultivate in digital environments. 

This assessment will provide a clear snapshot of your current levels of digital wellbeing and capacity to focus along with insights for future skills and behaviours that will future-proof your success.

In an effort to obtain an objective measure of your individual digital wellbeing and focus, reflect on the following statements and select the corresponding number on the gradient scale which most accurately describes your behaviour at present.

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Your Digital Wellbeing & Performance Diagnostic

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