What’s your
Email Quotient (EQ)?

 Do you feel like your inbox is controlling you?

Want to know your EQ? 

The hum of email pings punctuate your days (and nights). You wake up and turn on your phone and see the dreaded notification that informs you that you have 48 unread emails (that accrued whilst you slept). You check and respond to emails constantly throughout the day, or play catch up late at night with your laptop in bed watching Netflix.

Your EQ Assessment will provide you with an EQ score from Inbox Disaster to Inbox Master.

Email quotient quiz

Do you constantly feel tethered to your inbox? Is it stopping you from being productive? Is it causing you ‘technostress’?

The thought of going a couple of days (or sometimes even a couple of hours) without checking email fills you with panic and overwhelm (you’re the person who looks for the one-bar of WiFi signal on holidays just so you can check your emails). Did you know that there is now a medical condition called ‘email apnea’ where your heart races and you hold your breath when you dive into your inbox? You feel frustrated because it’s impossible to carve out time to get the most important work done each day, or simply digitally-disconnect from email. What’s Your EQ? is a tool that can help you identify how you manage your emails

No identifying data is collected so please rest assured the results are completely anonymous. Data from your team/organisation’s assessment will be aggregated and analysed and stored on a secure site.

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This assessment consists of 10 statements. For each statement, mark the level to which it applies, for a ‘typical’ day of work. Answer honestly to give you an accurate insight into Email Quotient

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What's Your EQ?

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How stressed do you feel currently thinking about your inbox?
How many emails are currently in your inbox?
How many times do you check your inbox each day?
Could you go for a couple of days without checking email?
How often are you distracted by email?