Your Digital Wellbeing Health Check


Let's see how you did:



Your Score: /15


What does it mean?

If you scored 5-8:  You don’t yet have firm boundaries around how, where and when you use technology and it could be adversely impacting your physical health and/or mental wellbeing. 

If you scored 9-12: You have some boundaries around how, where and when you use technology. However, with a couple more changes you could further ensure your health and wellbeing are supported,not stifled, by your tech habits.

If you scored 13-15: Congratulations, you have firm boundaries around how, where and when you use technology. This ensures that your health and wellbeing aren’t compromised by technology.



Your Score: /15


What does it mean?

If you scored 5-8: Your productivity would improve significantly if you adopted some simple high-performance principles, such as strategically planning your work day by doing the most challenging tasks when your energy is at its peak.

If you scored 9-12: You’re certainly on your way to developing a range of high-performance habits. Strategically planning your workday and avoiding multitasking may make a significant impact on your productivity.

If you scored 13-15: Well done, you’ve adopted a range of habits and principles that optimise your performance at work.



Your Score: /15


What does it mean?

If you scored 5-8:  Your performance would significantly improve if you implemented some simple strategies to minimise digital distractions.

If you scored 9-12:  Your productivity could be further enhanced if you implemented some strategies to protect your focus when working online.

If you scored 13-15:  Well done, you’ve disabled most digital distractions and prioritise your ability to pay attention. Continue to optimise your focus to sustain peak-performance. It’s a critical skill to flourish in a tech-saturated environment.



Your Score: /15


What does it mean?

If you scored 5-8:  Your wellbeing and health would significantly improve if you ensured you had regular time to unplug from technology.

If you scored 9-12:  Your health and wellbeing are well supported by your digital habits, but could be further enhanced if you ensured that you had more time to digitally-disconnect each week.

If you scored 13-15: Well done, your health and wellbeing is supported by your current digital behaviours. Continue to prioritise disconnection and recharging to ensure your continued health and wellbeing.


You Scored:



If you scored 15-29:
You are a


Put down your phone, shut down your laptop… we need to tackle your tech habits.

You probably already know that your digital habits aren’t serving you right now. Your ability to focus has all but disappeared and you’re probably feeling constantly overwhelmed and exhausted. However, the face you completed this diagnostic assessment suggests that you’re willing to examine your behaviours and make some shifts to improve it.

In order to get your wellbeing and performance back on track, your digital behaviours need to be adjusted. You’ve developed some unhealthy and unsustainable tech behaviours that are likely to be adversely impacting not only your physical health and mental wellbeing, but also your productivity. So let’s turn off your alerts, jump out of your inbox and develop some digital boundaries that will promote your wellbeing and productivity. The good news is that if you implement some simple behavioural shifts (such as turning off devices an hour before you go to bed, or avoiding reaching for your phone first thing upon waking up, or giving up multitasking), you’re likely to see some really big improvements in both your wellbeing and performance. Start by making one change to how you use digital devices and stack more habits over time and watch your vitality and focus be restored.



If you scored 30-45:
You are a


It’s time to disable digital distractions and disconnect.

You’ve probably sensed that your digital habits don’t always serve and support you. Never fear, you’re certainly on your way to developing sustainable digital behaviours that will help you to flourish both personally and professionally. Well done!

You’re on your way to implementing some healthy and sustainable digital behaviours that will support your wellbeing and focus.  You’re demonstrating some boundaries around how you use technology and try to ensure that it doesn’t hijack your attention. You’re trying to manage your devices in healthy ways, so that your time online doesn’t compromise your health or productivity. However, there’s room for improvement. A few minor tweaks and you’ll be well on your way to develop more sustainable digital habits. So let’s turn your phone to ‘Do Not Disturb’, silence your notifications (even if just for half an hour), plan your day and ensure you have time for rest and adopt some better tech habits that won’t have you constantly tethered to your devices. Preserve and build on the habits you already have in place and watch your performance and wellbeing prosper.

If you scored 46-60:
You are a


You’re a terrific tech tamer.

Well done! Your digital behaviours are exemplary. They’d help you to perform at optimal levels at work and ensure that you also have the time and energy for relationships, leisure and pleasure outside of work.

Whilst Mr Zuckerberg may not be happy to hear about how well you tame your tech habits, I certainly am!  You’re no slave to the screen! Your diagnostic assessment results suggest that you’re in control of technology (and not the other way around where technology controls you). You’ve implemented a range of strategies and habits that empower you to leverage the benefits technology offers us, without succumbing to some of its perils, such as distraction and constant connection. Whilst you’re already demonstrating outstanding habits that protect your health and productivity, I’m confident you can adopt some new strategies and habits that will further optimise your wellbeing and performance,  because high-achievers like you are always on a mission to improve.