How digitally dependant and distracted are you?


We’re at the point now where we literally can not switch off. But without devices, most of us simply can’t do our jobs. Take the Quiz to find out!

It can be a little confronting to realise we are more digitally dependent and distracted than we thought. But trust me when I say, it’s not your fault - and you are definitely not alone.

Companies spend billions of dollars each and every year on research alone, discovering how to make their systems, apps and online platforms even more engaging and enticing to us as consumers.

The technology we use has been intentionally designed to meet (and actually prey) on our basic physiological needs. It causes neurological changes in our brains and physiological responses in our bodies. We know, for example, that some of us now suffer from ‘email apnoea’ where we literally hold our breaths when we dive into our inboxes. Our heart rates increase and we dump cortisol (the stress hormone).

This assessment will provide a clear snapshot of your current levels of digital wellbeing and capacity to focus along with insights for future skills and behaviours that will future-proof your success.

In an effort to obtain an objective measure of your individual digital wellbeing and focus, reflect on the following statements and select the corresponding number on the gradient scale which most accurately describes your behaviour at present.

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How digitally dependant and distracted are you?