How the Brain Learns Online


Educators (primary and secondary) and allied health care workers


$37 (including GST)


On your computer or touchscreen device (at a time that suits YOU!)


This virtual masterclass provides research-based information and practical strategies to optimise student learning online, whether that’s via remote learning, or learning online in a classroom environment..

It’s imperative that educators understand how the brain learns online. This virtual masterclass combines the latest neuroscience, developmental psychology and technology research to provide guiding principles to ensure educators can support students’ online learning.. These principles support the effective delivery of online learning experiences, either via remote learning or a traditional classroom setting.

Session Overview

Through this highly practical virtual masterclass educators and health professionals will learn:

  • Basic NEUROSCIENCE and DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY to better understand how the BRAIN LEARNS;
  • Why students are neurologically and psychologically vulnerable to DIGITAL DISTRACTIONS & what educators can do to optimise their FOCUS online;
  • 12 BRAIN-BASED principles to support ONLINE LEARNING; and
  • Simple, PRACTICAL STRATEGIES to help them design PEDAGOGICAL APPROACHES that support student learning in an online context.

What’s included?

// 90-minute video specifically designed for individual educators and support staff to watch (and re-watch as often as they like, as you’ll have lifetime access).

//  A PDF worksheet to jot down or type ideas as you watch (to keep your brain active whilst consuming information)

// A PDF summary sheet (because we know that the brain learns through visual information).

How do I access the video?

After you’ve paid for the video, you’ll be sent a link via email to access the video and PDF sheets. You have unlimited access to the video, but we ask that the video isn’t shared with anyone (we have a site-licence option if you’d like to do that- see below).

Does this count as registered professional learning?

If you’re a teacher in NSW, Dr Kristy is a registered provider with NESA.  Completing How the Brain Learns Online will contribute 1 hour and 30 minutes of NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Registered PD addressing standards 1.1.2 and 1.2.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher Accreditation in NSW. You’ll need to send a completed copy of the PDF to (with your full name and NESA number for registration with NESA).


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How the Brain Learns Online

$37 (inc GST)

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Want to share this with your staff at school, or within your organisation?

No problem. We have a site-licence option available ($700 +GST for unlimited sharing with staff in one school).

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If you want to proceed, we send you an invoice and then a link to access and share the resources with your colleagues (one grade, stage group,or the whole school, it’s up to you).

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