Stop Screens Sabotaging Sleep


Parents, carers and educators of children and teens




On your computer or touchscreen device (at a time that suits YOU!)


In this 60-minute mini-masterclass Dr Kristy Goodwin explains how children’s and teens’ sleep is being compromised by digital devices (and outlines other contributing factors). She explains why sleep is vital for kids’ and teens’ optimal physical health, mental wellbeing. In the masterclass Kristy details what goes on in the brain when kids and teens sleep (contrary to popular opinion, the brain is very active during sleep and provides a range of critical functions) and specifically outlines the current sleep recommendations for children and teens of various ages. Learn specific ways in which technology may be compromising your child’s/teen’s sleep habits and be armed with an arsenal of realistic, research-based tips to promote healthy sleep habits in the digital age.


// Access to a 60-minute video masterclass with unlimited replay access (watch the video or download the audio file if you’d prefer to listen)

// A PDF Summary Sheet with the key information and practical strategies

// A PDF Resource Sheet with additional links to resources and online tools that you can share with your kids/teens



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Stop Screens Sabotaging Sleep

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