Selfies, Social Media, Screens & Self-Esteem


Parents, carers and educators of children and teens




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In this 60-minute mini-masterclass Dr Kristy Goodwin explains how children’s and teens’ body image and subsequent self-esteem are being shaped by their media experiences (everything from the TV programs they watch, to the social media platforms they use).  She’ll explain the (young) age when children form their ‘ideal’ body image (& why waiting to tackle this topic in the teenage years is far too late), why tweens’ and teens’ brains are particularly vulnerable to the impact of the media on their body image, the factors that shape kids’ body image (including the major impact of both traditional and digital media, as well as the critical role of parents and educators) and the simple, everyday strategies that parents and carers can implement to foster a positive body image and promote healthy self-esteem (without suggesting that you digitally-amputate your child, or ban social media completely).


// Access to a 60-minute online masterclass with unlimited replay access (watch the video or download the audio file)

// A PDF summary sheet with the key information and practical strategies



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Selfies, Social Media, Screens & Self-Esteem

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