Thrive Online


Students aged 10-18 years


$17 (including GST)


On your computer or touchscreen device (at a time that suits YOU!)


Children and adolescents are spending more time than ever on digital devices- their devices are portals for learning and leisure. Support their physical health and mental wellbeing with easy and realistic strategies in this 30-minute pre-recorded virtual masterclass designed specifically for kids and teens to watch themselves (so you don’t have to tackle these topics yourself as a parent or teacher- you’ve got enough on your plate and let’s face it, they often don’t listen to you).

In this video she shares practical and realistic ways that young people can use technology so that it supports, not stifles their health and wellbeing, through their digital behaviours.

Session Overview

Through this highly practical virtual masterclass students will learn:

  • Simple strategies and tips to ensure their time online supports their PHYSICAL HEALTH focusing on their vision, hearing, posture and sleep;
  • Realistic ideas to ensure their MENTAL WELLBEING when using digital devices (this isn’t a video that tells children and teens that technology is ‘bad’ for them); and
  • Why UNPLUGGED, DISCONNECTED TIME is vital for their health and wellbeing.

What’s included?

// 30-minute video specifically designed for students to watch (and re-watch as often as they like, as you’ll have lifetime access).

//  A PDF worksheet to jot down or type ideas as they watch (used by schools to check student completion of video).

How do I access the video?

After you’ve paid for the video, you’ll be sent a link via email to access the video and PDF sheets. You have unlimited access to the video, but we ask that the video isn’t shared with anyone (we have a site-licence if you’d like to do that - see below).


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Thrive Online

$17 (inc GST)

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Want to share this with your students at school?

No problem. We have a site-licence option available ($900 +GST for unlimited sharing with students in one school). Contact us below to find out more.

If you want to proceed, we send you an invoice and then a link to access and share the resources with your students (one class or the whole school, it’s up to you).

You can send them the link to the video and PDFs, or download them and embed them on your student online learning portal.