YouTube: An Essential Guide for Parents


Parents, carers and educators of children and teens




On your computer or touchscreen device (at a time that suits YOU!)


In this 30-minute mini-masterclass Dr Kristy Goodwin arms parents with essential information about YouTube and YouTube Kids. You’ll understand why kids and teens love watching (mindless) YouTube clips (there are both psychological reasons and design techniques that YouTube uses that means kids want to spend endless hours watching unboxing videos, or other kids playing video games). Dr Kristy also outlines the risks of YouTube and the benefits (yes, it’s not all doom and gloom) and provides simple ideas and tips to help your child use YouTube in safe and healthy ways. Ditch the guilt and guesswork about YouTube and be one step ahead of your kids.


// Access to a 30-minute online mini-masterclass with unlimited replay access (watch the video or download the audio file)

// A PDF summary sheet with the key information and practical strategies to use YouTube in healthy and safe ways

// A Resource sheet with links to videos and online resources so you can keep up--to-date



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YouTube: An Essential Guide for Parents

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