Digital Distractions

Lunch & Learn

Attention spans are constantly being hijacked by technology in workplaces (in the form of alerts, notifications and
calls) and this is having a significant impact on both employees’ and executives’ productivity and wellbeing. We’re
seeing fractured attention spans due to persistant multi-tasking, the onslaught of digital distractions and the adoption
of unhealthy and unsustainable technology habits (some studies have indicated 82% of people now sleep with their
phone adjacent to the bed and 63% check it intermittently during the night). The cognitive, physical and psychological
costs of multi-tasking are well-researched (for example, increased error rates, increased task time, poor memory
retention, impaired sleep and increased rates of anxiety).

However, digital abstinence isn’t a viable solution. Instead, employees and exectives need to be armed with practical
and realistic strategies to tame their technology habits, so they’re not a slave to the screen. Dr Kristy Goodwin
delivers practical seminars for companies wanting to maximise their employees’ digital health and wellbeing, whilst
also boosting their productivity. Empower your staff to be in control of technology and not let technology control
them! Kristy arms attendees with easy-to-implement ideas to develop healthy technology habits at work and home.

Session Overview

45- 90 minutes

Employees & executives interested in developing healthy technology habits

A brilliant session! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kristy to any organisation or event that is looking for a knowledgeable, engaging presenter.

Jennifer Bass - Cuscal