Why can’t we put down our phones?

Simple solutions for taming parents’ tech habits
(without the guilt & shame)



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Parents and carers of children aged 0-16 years.


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$40 (inc GST)

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I’ve been inundated with parents asking me during and after parent seminars about their phone habits (or their partner’s habits).

Why is it so hard to put down our phones, especially when our kids are around? What makes the ‘digital pull’ so captivating? What’s the impact of our habits on our kids?

The truth: technology has been intentionally designed to prey on our psychological vulnerabilities. Scrolling through our phone causes neurobiological changes to our brains and can be very appealing (notice, I didn’t say ‘addictive’).

Our phones have been engineered to grab our attention, get us (and keep us) hooked, and make us crave more.

Yet most of us rely on our phones as they’re so much more than
just a ‘phone’- they’re our primary source of communication and often entertainment too (hello, Facebook, Instagram and SMS), our backup brain (thank goodness for Google calendar and alerts!), a work tool (agghh, dreaded email), a camera, a weather tool, a grocery list and the list could go on and on. We need our phones and digital devices, so suggesting that we abstain from using them is unrealistic advice. However, we need to ensure that we’re in control of our phones and not the other way around where our phones control us!

We want to tame our tech habits so we’re not a slave to the screen.

That’s why I’ve developed a webinar for parents and carers to understand why we find it so challenging to stop swiping, scrolling and pinching and what simple things we can do to control our tech habits.

I’m Dr Kristy Goodwin, a former teacher, lecturer at Macquarie University and Notre Dame University, author and digital health, learning and wellbeing expert and a mum who also experiences the digital pull (yes, I’m guilty of also pushing the swings at the playground and replying to a text message, or quickly dealing with email at swimming lessons). I’ll translate the research and science into practical and realistic advice to explain our phone infatuations and arm you with simple strategies to help you manage your screen time.

This 90 minute webinar is designed for parents and carers of 0-16 year olds and covers:

// the three psychological reasons why we find our phones so captivating (there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with you and it’s unlikely that you’re ‘addicted’ to your phone);

// how the design of technology preys on our psychological vulnerabilities (it’s no accident that your unread email icon is red and that constantly receiving alerts and notifications makes you feel like everything is important and immediate);

// how technology causes changes in our brains and bodies (I promise I’ll share the neuroscience in a fun way so you understand why it feels so hard to put your phone down);

// the possible impacts of ‘techno-ferences’ on our kids’ and teens’ wellbeing (warning- this section may induce pangs of guilt, but we need to know there are serious consequences if we’re constantly digitally-distracted);

// the seven red flags that suggest that you may have an unhealthy dependence on your phone;

// simple and realistic strategies so you can regain control of your phone (and no, I won’t suggest that you digitally-amputate yourself); and

// an 8-step plan to reboot your digital habits (don’t worry, you won’t need to commit to a ‘digital detox’).

The presentation will go for approximately 75 minutes, followed by the opportunity for participants to ask questions for approximately 15 minutes  (you can do this either via a chat function on the webinar if you attend live, or by pre-submitting questions on a form before the webinar). All webinar registrants will receive a link to access the replay (with no time restriction on when and for how long you can access it) and a PDF cheat sheet too.

Why webinars?

With a webinar, parents can learn in their lounge rooms!

As a mum and as someone who runs a lot of parent seminars across the country, Kristy understands, first-hand, the time and expense associated with attending live events at night (I know, who can be bothered wearing more the PJ pants and ugg boots at night?). Organising your partner or a babysitter can make attending in-person seminar trick (and expensive). But with a webinar, you get to start and finish (and even pause if you need to) a seminar in your lounge room, with a cup of your favourite beverage in hand, wearing your PJ pants and ugg boots - it couldn’t be easier.



Register yourself early and save $$$.


$40 (inc GST)

((Note all prices are in Australian dollars and include GST. When you sign up you will automatically be added to my email list where I'll send you monthly (or thereabouts) updates.

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