Raising Your Child in a Digital World:

Finding a healthy balance of time online without techno tantrums and conflict


Five Tips to Tame Students’ Attention

Oct 22, 2018
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Gaining and sustaining students’ attention in today’s classroom is hard. Really hard. Teachers are increasingly reporting that students (both at a primary and secondary level) are finding it more challenging to manage their attention spans. Technology is one of the chief reasons why today’s students are finding it hard to pay attention in class and […]

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Are Tablets Causing Speech Problems

Jun 19, 2014
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Are iPads causing speech problems for young children? Yes, if you believe a recent Sydney newspaper headline.   The article suggested that iPads were responsible for developmental speech impairments in Kindergarten children.   The article claimed that increasing numbers of children were starting school with speech delays and tablets and technology were blamed for the decline in these skills. […]

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