The technology that promises to save us time and optimise our efficiency and output is actually sucking it away and it’s having a serious effect on

employee health & productivity.

Corporate Speaking Topics

Thriving Digitally


Decode the neurobiology of peak performance in a digital age

We’re spending more time than tethered to technology- for both work and leisure. It’s imperative that we foster healthy and sustainable digital behaviours to ensure that our physical health and mental wellbeing are supported in a digital world that’s constantly vying for our attention.

In this presentation, Kristy equips attendees with science-backed solutions so they can thrive online.

Kristy will explore:

    to identify areas for improvement;
  • Apply the FOUR PILLARS of DIGITAL WELLBEING to their work and personal lives;
  • Explore a range of MICRO-HABITS they can implement to protect their PHYSICAL HEALTH
    and MENTAL WELLBEING - their sleep, vision, hearing and musculoskeletal health and;
  • Consider a variety of MICRO-HABITS they can utilise to ensure their ProDUCTIVITY is
    supported, not stifled through their DIGITAL BEHAVIOURS.

Session Overview

Dr Kristy will share some of the common digital dilemmas facing high-performers in the digitalised workplace and arm delegates with a range of micro-habits so they can support their mental wellbeing, physical health and productivity in a digital landscape.

This presentation can be a stand alone keynote, or part of a half or full day program, or delivered as a virtual masterclass.

Hello Hybrid!


Decoding the neuroscience of peak-performance in a hybrid world

The era of toiling from 9-5, five days a week in the office is now a relic. Hybrid working arrangements are here to stay. In fact, it’s a paradigm-shifting moment in time. An opportunity to create ways of working that work with our brains and bodies (our neurobiology), to yield the benefits for both employees and organisations. Yet most organisations are missing the opportunity. They are too focused on ‘flexible work’. They are more interested in who is online and who isn’t. What they really need to focus on is ‘productive work arrangements’.

This keynote will provide you with the blueprint to make hybrid work, work. As your organisation redesigns every facet of how work gets done, this session will offer the guiding principles and practices that will unlock the potential of your people. It will show you how to create ways of working that work with our brains and bodies (our neurobiology), to yield the benefits for both employees and organisations.

Through this highly practical presentation attendees will learn:

  • BRAIN-BASED TACTICS to optimise your WORKDAY (whether you’re in the office or at home) based on their BIOLOGICAL BLUEPRINT;
  • Why your hybrid team must establish your DIGITAL GUARDRAILS to optimise performance.


Session Overview

In the Hello Hybrid! keynote Dr Kristy helps employees better manage their digital workload with brain-based, yet realistic strategies to ensure their productivity is optimised and wellbeing prioritised in a hybrid setting.

This can be a stand alone keynote, or part of a half or full day program, or delivered as a virtual masterclass.

Beat Digital Burnout


Science-backed solutions to help your team thrive online

Research suggests that 60% of knowledge workers have experienced burnout during the pandemic. This is a threat to not only employees’ physical and mental health and performance, but poses significant financial costs and retention risks to organisations too. One of the chief contributing factors to burnout is unsustainable and unhealthy digital habits.

There’s no denying that our digital load has increased exponentially as we’ve shifted to remote and hybrid work. Our digital practices are leading to digital burnout.

This keynote arms delegates with science-backed solutions to counteract the always-on, distracted digital culture that has led to many knowledge workers experiencing digital burnout. Delegates will understand how our digital habits are fuelling our stress, why rest is vital for our performance and the micro-habits that employees can embed into their workdays and the digital cultures that can counteract digital burnout.

Dr Kristy will explore:

  • How an INCREASED DIGITAL LOAD is adding to the micro-stressors in their life (and leading to digital burnout)
  • How some of our common tech habits are eroding the BIOLOGICAL BUFFERS that once protected us from stress;
  • Why your brain and body needs PEAK-PERFORMANCE PIT-STOPS and the 3M framework to beat burnout;
  • Science-backed solutions to ensure their ‘NEW WAYS OF WORKING’ are congruent with how their brains and bodies work best online;
  • MICRO HABITS to ensure that we structure our workdays to suit our neurobiological needs; and
  • Our NEUROBIOLOGICAL NEEDS DICTATE why rest and recovery is essential in a digital world for ideation, performance and wellbeing

Session Overview

As the inaugural members of the world’s first truly digital workforce, we’re creating the future of work together. We are defining norms, habits, and best practices in the digital context. This presents an enormous opportunity for knowledge workers: rather than defaulting to assumptions grounded in conventional wisdom and outdated, industrialised work practices, let’s use this moment to let science guide us

This keynote can be delivered on-stage or online (because let’s face it, it’s 2022 and we know we need COVID-contingency plans)

Digital Wellbeing


Borders & behaviours that support peak-performance in a digital age

There’s no denying that we’re tethered to technology, for our professional and personal lives. This is having a profound impact on our physical health and mental wellbeing.

This presentation equips participants with science-backed solutions they can embed to optimise their performance in the digital landscape, without having to revert to a #digitaldetox, or ignoring your inbox.

Kristy will explore:

  • Why we feel digitally overwhelmed and suffering from ‘infobesity’ from pings, alerts and
    notifications (our brains and bodies aren’t biologically wired for information onslaught);
  • Why it’s challenging to FOCUS in the digital world, that’s constantly vying for our attention;
  • The impact of our constantly- connected lives on our MENTAL WELLBEING and micro-
    habits we can embed to protect it; and
  • The consequences of being tethered to technology on our PHYSICAL HEALTH (sleep,
    vision, hearing and musculoskeletal health); and
  • A menu of (brain-based) micro-habits that can be embedded into our professional and
    personal lives to support our MENTAL WELLBEING and PHYSICAL HEALTH.

Session Overview

Delegates will be armed with a range of simple, brain-based solutions and a menu of micro-habits so they can work online without sacrificing their mental wellbeing or physical health.

This presentation can be delivered as stand-alone virtual masterclass, as part of a series of masterclasses, or as in-person workshop in your workplace, offsite or conference.

Fortifying Your Focus


Stop digital distractions denting your productivity

As knowledge workers, the technologies that are integral for our work, have also been designed to hijack and hold our attention. We’re now living in an attention economy. To achieve peak-performance in the digital landscape, the most critical skill we can cultivate is focus. Focus amongst the alerts and notifications and pings and dings that put a dent in our productivity.

This presentation has been designed to help employees and executives better understand the impact of digital distractions on their productivity and wellbeing. Attendees will develop a repertoire of strategies and micro-habits they can easily apply to their workday and personal lives to ensure their digital behaviours support peak performance.

In this presentation I’ve distilled the latest neuroscience, psychology and technology research into bite-sized, sciencebacked strategies.

Through this highly practical presentation attendees will learn:

  • Why ATTENTION MANAGEMENT is the super skill of the 21st Century;
  • The three reasons why TECHNOLOGY HIJACKS their attention;
  • The significant ways that DIGITAL DISTRACTIONS dent their PRODUCTIVITY & WELLBEING;
  • How to map their WORKDAY to their CHRONOTYPE to maximise their PRODUCTIVITY; and
  • A range of strategies and micro-habits to OPTIMISE their FOCUS.


Session Overview

Participants will be armed with a menu of strategies and micro-habits they can use to turbocharge their productivity and wellbeing.  Dr Kristy will share simple solutions to some of the common tech troubles facing high-performers in the digitalised workplace.

This can be a stand alone keynote, or part of a half or full day program, or delivered as a virtual masterclass.

Digital Disconnection


The science behind rest and re-charging in an always-on digital world

This presentation explains the biological constraints of the human brain and body, operating in a constantlyconnected, busy digital world. Organisations, teams and individuals looking to achieve peak-performance in a digital environment must work and recover in ways that are congruent with your biological needs. We simply cannot
outperform our biology.

In this presentation I’ve distilled the latest neuroscience, psychology and technology research into bite-sized, science-backed strategies.

In this presentation I’ve distilled the latest neuroscience, psychology and technology research into bite-sized, sciencebacked strategies.

Through this highly practical presentation attendees will learn:

  • Why UNPLUGGED, DISCONNECTED TIME is vital for our physical health, mental wellbeing and creativity;
  • Why leaders and organisations need to stop using ‘BUSY’ AS A PROXY FOR PRODUCTIVITY and what to focus on instead;
  • What science tells us are the 6 ELEMENTS of effective REST and RECOVERY; and
  • The 3 TYPES OF BREAKS that every high-performer needs to schedule in their calendar (before Zoom meetings).

Session Overview

Participants will be armed with a menu of strategies and micro-habits they can use to turbocharge their productivity and wellbeing.

This is typically delivered as a virtual masterclass. I’ll share simple solutions to some of the common tech troubles facing high-performers in the digitalised workplace.

Kids, Teens & Screens


Realistic strategies to help parents
navigate the online world with their

Dr Kristy will help confused and concerned parents feel confident about how they can best support their children’s and teens’ physical health, mental wellbeing and learning online, without proposing ‘digital amputation’, banning the gaming console or iPad.

Kristy will explore:

  • Why children and teens are susceptible to POTENTIAL PITFALLS ONLINE given their BRAIN  DEVELOPMENT;
  • Why the online world is APPEALING to children and adolescents (there’s science to explain their digital infatuation and ‘techno-tantrums’);
  • A simple & realistic formula to determine healthy SCREENTIME limits for children and teens;
  • The 5 VITAL DIGITAL BOUNDARIES parents must establish to ensure their children and teens develop healthy digital behaviours;
  • The current RISKS facing kids and teens in the online world and SIMPLE SOLUTIONS
    to mitigate these; and
  • Why DIGITAL DISCONNECTION is critical for your child’s PHYSICAL HEALTH and

Session Overview

Parents and carers of K-12 students

1.5-2 hours (webinar 1.5 hours, on-stage 2 hours)

On-stage or online (as a webianr)

Dr Kristy has worked with some of the biggest corporations in Australia:

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Employee wellbeing is a major focus for Australia's leading organisations. To boost morale and foster a positive, healthy culture, employees are being offered great benefits such as health screenings, subsidised gym memberships and flexible work conditions.

But in our digitally-dependant workplaces, what about the impact of technology?

The endless pings and dings of emails, alerts and notifications are sabotaging even the most engaged employees.

And it’s not just in the workplace. Technology has seeped into every aspect of our lives, blurring the lines between work and personal time. We check our phones in bed, accept work calls at the dinner table and send emails at all hours of the day and night.

Digital habits like these are unhealthy and unsustainable and it’s taking a massive toll on both our physical and psychological health and wellbeing and compromising our productivity.


Talk to Dr Kristy

You can now invite Dr Kristy to deliver her signature corporate seminars at your workplace or conference or access her online digital health and wellbeing and digital parenting programs to roll out across your organisation.

Dr Kristy Goodwin is one of Australia’s leading digital health, wellbeing and productivity experts. She is regularly called upon by national media outlets for her opinion and invited to speak to a diverse range of organisations and businesses (both big and small) around the country. Dr Kristy is a confident, compelling and highly relatable presenter who provides practical and realistic solutions to deal with digital dilemmas in your workplace.

Want to learn how to tame your tech habits and deal with the endless digital distractions in the workplace?

(Without the need for a ‘digital detox’, or worse - a complete digital amputation!)


Kristy's session was fabulous and very well received by the group at the Randstad conference. She addressed their work/life balance and the pressures of their roles placed on them to be constantly available online.

Kristy was entertaining and a relatable way of presenting.


All feedback was extremely positive, they felt that while the content was frightening, it was balanced and there were some great tools that they could use to assist. I know directly that at least three people that I have spoken to since, have implemented one or more things that Kristy spoke about already!

A brilliant session! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kristy to any organisation or event that is looking for a knowledgeable, engaging presenter.


There is a huge buzz around the great conversations you led and we are quite sure that these are going to lead to deeper reflections around the effective use of technology.


Thanks again for coming in yesterday and presenting to the company, it was a great presentation.


You are one impressive lady and we feel fortunate to be working with you!


Thank you for coming in last Wednesday and I have received very good feedback from all who attended the Lunch and Learn session.


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Why are employees’ digital habits so important to address?

The personal costs to employees’ and executives’ as a result of unhealthy digital habits include:


Poor sleep quality and quantity leading to fatigue, burnout & possible mental health issues


Multi-tasking costs including poor retention of information and impaired performance

Elevated stress levels, anxiety and other mental health related issues


Impaired vision, hearing and musculoskeletal health because of incorrect digital ergonomics


An absence of white space and time for clarity, creativity and ideation

Impaired personal relationships and downtime due to the permeation of technology in our lives

And don’t forget the financial costs to the employer:

Reduced productivity

Increased error rates


Decline in presenteeism

Poor decision making

Increased absenteeism

Low morale

But it’s not all doom and gloom...

A 2018 Workplace Distraction Report, by Udemy found that 75% of employees said minimising workplace distractions would enable them to complete more work and be more productive.

A 2018 YouGov Galaxy Poll, conducted in partnership with Medibank, found that 70% of Australian employees don’t feel like their workplace supports their wellbeing enough. Wouldn’t you love to be one of the 30% of companies who are meeting their employees’ needs?

Dr Kristy helps organisations understand the broad-ranging impacts technology is having on employees (and their families) and how to fix it.

Putting the focus firmly on digital health and wellbeing


// enhances employee experience
// increases productivity
improves staff morale
// maximises your bottom line
// makes you an employer of choice

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