Raising Your Child in a Digital World:

Finding a healthy balance of time online without techno tantrums and conflict


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// Worried about your child’s screen time?

// Want to end your techno-guilt once and for all?


Dr Kristy is offering a parent seminar at South Curl Curl Surf Club to help modern parents, of children aged 0-12 years, understand what kids really need to thrive in a digital age.

Children’s technology and development expert (and mum!) Dr Kristy Goodwin helps parents find the best ways to use technology to support, not stifle young children’s learning and development. She arms parents with facts, not fears, about what young children (0-12 years) really need to thrive online and offline in a digital world.


Tickets available here.


In this 90-minute practical seminar Dr Kristy arms parents with: 

// The seven essential building blocks for thriving in a digital world- simple things like sleep, play and relationships (so you can have peace-of-mind that your child’s tech habits are healthy and helpful and won’t harm your child);

// Information about how technology can either help or harm each of the seven essential building blocks (you’ll be armed with research-based information so you can feel confident about your digital decisions and know how to separate fact from fiction when it comes to kids and technology);

// Practical and simple strategies about how to safely use everyday technologies like TVs, touchscreen devices and video games in ways that are aligned with young children’s developmental needs (you can finally eradicate your techno-guilt and confusion once and for all); and

// Healthy technology habits that young children need to develop (so that their health, learning and wellbeing is supported in a digital age)- advice about the impact of screens on children’s vision, hearing and posture.


This parent seminar is specifically designed for parents of children aged 2-12 years.



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I’m Dr. Kristy Goodwin

Researcher, speaker, author, and mum - and not only do I GET it, I’ve dedicated my entire career to helping my fellow professionals and parents explore this exact digital dilemma.

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