The Costs of Digital Distractions

Today’s employees and executives are working in a world where they’re experiencing constant digital distractions. Email alerts, phone notifications, auto-play videos, phone calls and messages 24/7, curated social media feeds and targeted ads are just some of the many ways that they’re being digitally bombarded. Our digital dependence and habits are changing our attention, compromising our productivity at […]

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Fortify Your Focus

Delegates complete Dr Kristy’s What’s My FQ? Assessment and Chronotype Assessment & Individual Report tools before the presentation to provide powerful insights and enable Dr Kristy to tailor the session.

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Powered-Up Women

Delegates will have access to Dr Kristy’s Neuro-Power Profile Tool during the session. Women will leave this presentation with a customised Power-Up Plan by identifying the 1-3 micro-habits they’ll implement to power up their performance.

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