Raising Your Child in a Digital World:

Finding a healthy balance of time online without techno tantrums and conflict


What ‘free’ apps for preschoolers really cost

Dec 3, 2018
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What ‘free’ apps for preschoolers really cost

A 2018 study examined 135 popular free and paid apps for kids under 5 years, the majority of which were downloaded more than 10 million times each and some upwards of 50 million times and found that 95% of such apps included at least one type of advertising, some of which are embedded in games […]

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How Much Screentime for Children?

Feb 24, 2016
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Today’s children, often referred to as ‘digital natives’ or ‘Gen Z’ are growing immersed in a digital world. Technology is having a direct and dramatic impact on young children’s childhood and is shaping the ways in which they learn and develop. We are at an interesting juncture in terms of childhood: we now know more […]

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Are Headphones Bad for Kids’ Ears ?

Sep 24, 2015
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Dangerous Decibels: Are Headphones Harming Children’s Hearing? Getting kids to listen is difficult at the best of times. We often joke that our children’s hearing may have been harmed because of all of the loud music that they listen to. But there may be some truth in this claim. Noise-induced hearing loss is a serious […]

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Do Kids Learn More From Handwriting or Typing?

Sep 10, 2015
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  Is Typing or Handwriting Better for Kids? The keyboard versus the pen.  Which is better for children’s learning? As laptops and tablets become commonplace in schools many parents and teachers are left wondering if note-taking with paper and pencil will become an obsolete skill.   Do young children still need to learn how to […]

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No, The Research Doesn’t Say That iPads Damage Brains

Feb 18, 2015
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Recent news headlines have many parents of young children in a state of panic.   Some popular news outlets claimed that there was “scientific evidence” that indicated that touchscreen devices were detrimental for young children’s development.   The headlines stated that there was science to support the claim that, “iPads and Smartphones May Damage Toddler […]

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The Best Apps for Toddlers

Nov 6, 2014
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As your toddler’s tiny fingers swipe, tap and pinch a smartphone or tablet screen, you simultaneously fill with pride and fear. This is the modern parents’ dilemma.   On one hand you are filled with pride because want your child to be a proficient technology user. There is no doubt that they will inherit a […]

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Too Much Tech for Tots?

Aug 20, 2014
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As I flicked through the latest toy catalogue today I was overwhelmed with just how many techno-toys and battery-operated devices and gadgets are now available for babies and toddlers.   Yep, we now have teddy bears with mobile phones attached to their paws and pretend tablet devices for babies. Tablets for babies…whaaaaat?   And if that […]

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Five Apps That Will IMPROVE not HAMPER Fine Motor Skills

Oct 7, 2013
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Two recent events I personally encountered have led to this blog post.  First, I was shocked to read that there are now specific occupational therapy programs to help remediate young children’s poor fine motor skills because of their technology addiction. These programs have been designed to develop hand strength to allow today’s digital learners to […]

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Language: An Essential Building Block for Learning

Apr 22, 2013
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One of the most important skills a child needs to develop in the early years is language. It is a critical building block for learning. Children need ‘serve and return’ interactions with adults, right from the start. In fact, the latest neuroscience research tells us that a child’s language development actually begins in utero. We now […]

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Interactive TV

Feb 25, 2013
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  Thanks to significant technological advancements, interactive children’s TV is now real. In 2012 Microsoft, in conjunction with Sesame Street released ‘Kinect Sesame Street TV’. Using the Kinect, the motion- and voice-sensing controller, young children can now interact with TV characters. For example Elmo will catch a talking ball if you throw it to him, or […]

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