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Digital Wellbeing Cards

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Technology has become enmeshed into everything we do, both personally and professionally. It has seeped into every crevice of our lives. If we’re not in control of technology, it can sometimes distract us from the things that really matter the most to us.

I believe technology should support our wellbeing and performance, not distract us from it. I’m committed to sharing the tools and tactics to help you develop your own sense of digital wellbeing. So that life, not the technology in it, stays front and foremost. So that you can thrive online (and offline).

What’s your relationship with technology currently look like? Are you in
control of the digital devices in your life, or do they control you?

Learn more about the Digital Wellbeing Card set

That’s exactly what you’ll get in this Digital Wellbeing Card set. Simple, science-backed solutions to help you to thrive in the digital world… without for a moment suggesting you should cancel your Netflix subscription, abandon your inbox, or stop scrolling social media.

I’ve compiled a collection of easy-to-embed, practical micro-habits that you can implement to boost your digital wellbeing.

They are based on the four pillars of digital peak-performance:

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Digital borders & boundaries

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Disable digital

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There are 60 cards in the pack, each sharing one simple digital wellbeing or digital distraction micro-habit that you can easily apply – covering physical health, mental wellbeing and productivity in a digitalised context. These beautiful, high-quality cards can be placed next to your laptop to remind you to implement simple digital behaviours that will optimise your wellbeing and performance – whether you focus on one card each week, or turn to them when you’re in need of guidance.

Reset your relationship with tech and learn tips, tools and tactics to help you achieve digital wellbeing and thrive online.

Use these digital wellbeing cards to:

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Boost your productivity

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Stop screens from sabotaging your sleep

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Put and end to digital eye strain

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Say good-bye to 'techno-stress'

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Avoid ‘tech-neck’, text-claw and other musculoskeletal issues associated with excessive tech-time

These cards are wonderful client gifts,

and can be added to our digital wellbeing boxes (contact us for details on these wellbeing boxes), or can be a great gift to yourself to boost your digital wellbeing.

Digital Wellbeing Cards

$39 (including GST)

  • + $9.95 postage. No international shipping
    1 box of 60 digital wellbeing tip/habit cards.

Fine-tune your digital habits

and thrive online.

I’m Dr Kristy Goodwin,

I’m Dr Kristy Goodwin, a former teacher, lecturer at Macquarie and Notre Dame Universities, author and digital health and wellbeing expert and a mum of three boys (who’s experienced her share of techno-tantrums). I translate the science about the impact of technology on children’s, teens’ and adults brains and bodies. I share research-based yet realistic advice for parents, educators and health professionals about the impact technology has on our wellbeing and learning. I’ll arm you with facts, not fears, so you feel equipped to navigate this digital terrain with your screenager, without the grief and guesswork.

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