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Brain-based hacks so you can thrive online & offline

Find your tech-life blend (without having to give up your phone, go on a #digitaldetox,  or contemplate going on holidays #laptopless)


(so I don’t add to your ‘infobesity’)

Each episode is bite-sized sound bytes to help boost your digital wellbeing and productivity so that you can thrive in the busy, always-on digital world. I share a combo of neuro-productivity hacks (I’m a self-confessed nerd), digital wellbeing strategies and tips to prevent tech temptations from derailing your productivity.


There are also interviews with high-performers from a range of industries where they share the digital habits and behaviours they’ve developed and some of the ‘digital dilemmas’ they’ve faced along the way too (none of us are immune to the ‘digital pull’ and distraction.

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Each episode will share quick tips and micro-habits that will take your life from drab and distracted to fab and focused. Whether you’re working remotely, or back at work, whether you work for a large corporation, or you’re a solopreneur, this podcast will give you a dose of practical strategies and tips to optimise your performance in the digital age.

Put an end to feeling distracted and dependent on your digital devices. Stop feeling overwhelmed and stressed from the beeps, bings and buzzes and learn how to form healthy and helpful digital behaviours.

Micro-Habits so you can Thrive in a Digital World

I’m Dr. Kristy Goodwin

A global thought leader, speaker and author on digital wellbeing and performance (and yes, I love social media and my phone). I’m obsessed with studying the impacts that our digitalised lives have on our physical health, mental wellbeing and productivity. I provide simple, science-backed solutions to help high-performers thrive in the digital world, without suggesting ‘digital amputation’.

My superpower is taking the latest research about how technology is impacting our physical health, mental wellbeing and productivity and translating it into essential (easy-to-understand) information and practical solutions so we can tame our tech habits (and not be a slave to the screen).

Through this podcast I want to arm you with evidence-based information, super-simple strategies and practical ideas that you can implement to thrive in the digital world.


Ask Dr. Kristy Goodwin

Got a digital dilemma or a productivity problem you’d like me to tackle? Each month I take listeners’ questions and provide some suggestions and food for thought in an episode. Share your tech troubles below and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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