Dear Digital,
We need to talk...

If you want to put an end to constantly feeling stressed, overwhelmed and distracted the best place to start is…with a good old-fashioned book. Dear Digital…We Need to Talk in fact! Dominate your digital distractions and stop screens from adding to your stress.

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Five Essential Digital Productivity Hacks

Does your inbox hum along in the background whilst you work? Are notifications and alerts constantly disrupting your attention? The digital technologies that we use (and let's face it, we love) have been designed to distract us. Learn realistic, research-based strategies to tame your tech habits.



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Digital Wellbeing Cards

Technology has become enmeshed into everything we do, both personally and professionally. It has seeped into every crevice of our lives. If we’re not in control of technology, it can sometimes distract us from the things that really matter the most to us.

Digital wellbeing box

Digital Wellbeing Box

Who doesn't love a physical gift? Send your employees some love with a physical gift . . . something other than a fruit box, company swagger or chocolate. 


Digital Wellbeing Checklist

Realistic, research-based solutions to help kids, teens and adults develop healthy digital habits.

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Dr Kristy Goodwin is one of Australia’s leading digital health, wellbeing and productivity experts. She is regularly called upon by national media outlets for her opinion and invited to speak to a diverse range of organisations and businesses (both big and small) around the country. Dr Kristy is a confident, compelling and highly relatable presenter who provides practical and realistic solutions to deal with digital dilemmas in your workplace.