What’s your powered-up profile?

This 5 question diagnostic will gauge how powered up you are and will pinpoint the pillars of powered performance you may need to address.

  • How powered up are you?
  • Are you in your power zone?
  • Are your habits in congruence or conflict with your brain and body?

Get your profiling tool to ascertain if you’re in the Powered-Up Zone!

1 out of 5 questions
I have regular social connections. I have time to be idle with my thoughts and daydream.
2 out of 5 questions
I have difficulties falling or staying asleep. I'm able to handle stress.
3 out of 5 questions
I'm productive for > 3 hours each day. I'm easily distracted.
4 out of 5 questions
I'm physically active most days of the week. I break up long perdiods of sitting with movement.
5 out of 5 questions
I wake up feeling recharged and energised. I take regular, short breaks (2-10 minutes in duration) a couple of times each day.
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