Dear Digital, We need to talk. . . Book

A Guilt Free Guide to Taming Your Tech Habits and Thriving in a Digital World

It's time for a new operating system...

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • Why learning to work with your biological markers like your chronotype and ultradian rhythm will help you become more productive.
  • Why it’s biologically challenging for us to work for long hours in front of a screen (and easy micro-habits to tackle this).
  • The science behind why you’re experiencing Zoom-fatigue, digital eye strain and digital dementia (and micro-habits to boost your digital wellbeing).
This is a book that will help you to thrive in the digital world.

We’re at an exciting juncture in time. As we redefine new ways of working, we can use this as a catalyst to find work practices and digital behaviours that are aligned with our neurobiology- our brains and bodies, or what I refer to as our Human Operating System (our hOS).

In Dear Digital, We Need to Talk, Dr Kristy shares realistic, research-based strategies to tame our toxic tech habits without suggesting that you need to cancel your Netflix subscription, go ‘laptopless’, or go on a #digitaldetox.

She shares a menu of micro-habits you can easily apply to your digital behaviours both personally and professionally. Learn guilt-free, brain-based tactics to help you to use technology in ways that are congruent with your biological blueprint.

There are two main reasons why so many of us feel OUSTED.

Our digital habits have introduced a range of micro stressors to our days.

Alerts, notifications and reminders, multi-tasking, video calls and working for long stretches may seem benign, but they’re not. These micro-stressors are accumulating and as humans we’re not designed to cope with long bursts of stress. Nor are we biologically designed to cope with constant stressors. Yet this is how many of us now spend our days.

Our digital habits have eroded some of the biological buffers that were once naturally baked into our days that helped us to manage stress.
Physical movement, sleep, exposure to sunlight, our vision, human connection and even the way we breathe have all been radically altered by our digital habits.

Learn how to use technology in ways that are aligned to your neurobiology (how your brain and body are designed to work)

It’s no surprise that you’re more stressed, exhausted and distracted than ever before.

Your tech habits are, in part, to blame.

Despite technology being touted as the silver bullet that was supposed to make our lives more efficient and give us back time, that hasn’t eventuated. We’re being bombarded with digital distractions. We’re facing a constant sensory onslaught every day- alerts, notifications, pings and dings have become the soundtrack of our days. We’re processing more information than ever before (estimates suggest adults consume around 70BG worth of data each day and that adults will spend an average of 17 years of their lives on their phones).

If you want to put an end to constantly feeling stressed, overwhelmed and distracted the best place to start is…with a good old-fashioned book. Dear Digital…We Need to Talk in fact!

Dominate your digital distractions and stop screens from adding to your stress.

Learn brain-based strategies to tame your toxic tech-habits and thrive in the digital world.

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