Student Digital Wellbeing Diagnostic Tool

This quick quiz will help you identify your current levels of digital wellbeing and focus.

It will pinpoint the digital habits that are helpful and serving you. It may also identify some digital behaviours that you may want to adjust.

You’ll be asked five questions in four sections (the 4 Pillars of the D-rive Zone= digitally thriving). You’ll get a score for each pillar and an overall score. Please answer the questions using this scoring scale. Consider your answer based on how true the statement is for you most of the time. I understand that as humans we do tend to change our behaviours from time to time, so consider what your honest answer would be on a ‘typical’ day/night.

Please answer the questions honestly- rest assured this is an anonymous quiz and no one, apart from you, will see the results. After you press ‘submit’ you’ll be able to download your PDF report. This PDF doesn’t contain any identifying information about you.  The information you submit will be collected by Dr Kristy Goodwin, de-identified so no one will ever know who submitted information (we share this, because being aware of privacy issues is critical to thriving in the digital world) and Kristy and her team will analyse the results to get a clearer picture of the digital wellbeing topics that students and families need guidance and support with.

If you’re doing this quiz before Dr Kristy speaks at your school, this will help Kristy to tailor the information she shares in her talk to ensure it’s relevant to you. So honest responses are really important.

Best regards,

Dr Kristy