Raising Your Child in a Digital World:

Finding a healthy balance of time online without techno tantrums and conflict


Stop Digital Distractions Diverting Your Screenagers’ Focus

May 20, 2021
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Today’s students are living in a world with constant digital distractions vying for their attention. The endless badgering of pings, alerts and notifications can have a serious impact on students’ ability to focus and learn. The proliferation of smartphones and digital technologies such as laptops, smartwatches, gaming consoles and tablets has ushered in an era […]

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Are You Suffering from ‘Attention Residue’?

Jul 1, 2020
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Many of us work in a perpetual state of distraction. A typical workday often entails switching between several work activities, including meetings and a plethora of digital disruptions. We may be working on a report and the ping of our email disrupts us. We may be engrossed in our team Zoom or Team call, but […]

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Why your kids are exhausted after online learning 

May 1, 2020
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I’ve had the privilege of helping a number of schools adjust to online learning in recent weeks*. I’m in awe of the rapid transformation many schools have undergone as they attempt to shift their teaching approaches. It is a remarkable feat! You see teaching online is not simply a matter of ‘digitalising’ your existing teaching […]

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Are smartphones and social media to blame for teen mental health crisis?

Feb 11, 2020
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Young people are facing a mental health crisis, both here in Australia and internationally. There’s a concerning increase in the rates of mental health issues amongst young people and the finger is often pointed at technology, particularly social media and smartphones, which are contributing factors. But is technology to blame? The dominant, alarmist narrative suggests […]

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The Costs of Digital Distractions

Jul 12, 2018
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Today’s employees and executives are working in a world where they’re experiencing constant digital distractions. Email alerts, phone notifications, auto-play videos, phone calls and messages 24/7, curated social media feeds and targeted ads are just some of the many ways that they’re being digitally bombarded. Our digital dependence and habits are changing our attention, compromising our […]

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