Raising Your Child in a Digital World:

Finding a healthy balance of time online without techno tantrums and conflict


Simple solutions to stop screens sabotaging sight

Feb 11, 2021
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A common question I’m asked by parents and teachers alike relates to the impact of screen time on children’s and adolescents’ vision. There’s been increasing media attention on the impact of digitalised childhoods and adolescence and the possible association between increasing rates of myopia, near-sightedness. Basically, they want to know if too much time on […]

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Set Digital Boundaries

Sep 22, 2020
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WARNING- this blog post talks about suicide. If you, or anyone you know requires help in a crisis call Lifeline on 13 11 14. In recent weeks, if I’m really honest, I’ve found it incredibly challenging to be a digital wellbeing ‘expert’. I’ve been bombarded with horrific and devastating stories of kids, some of whom […]

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Why Your Kids Might be Experiencing a Digital Hangover

Jun 15, 2020
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Have your kids/teens recently transitioned back to school after months of remote learning at home? They were probably spending more time than ever plugged-in and on devices during the home isolation period (I know my kids were). Their digital devices became their portal for leisure and learning: they used devices to complete school work, connect […]

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Body Image in an Age of Selfies & Social Media

Apr 12, 2019
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We’ve long worried about the challenges kids and teens face forming healthy body images from the unrealistic images depicted in the media. There’s an established history with the media bombaring kids and teens with unrealistic, sexualised, and stereotypical images and messages about bodies. Today, given the popularity of social media and selfies, these concerns are […]

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What’s all the fuss about Fortnite?

Jul 3, 2018
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I want to write about the dreaded ‘f’ word that’s causing angst in many families.  Fortnite! (Not that word!) In the last couple months, I’ve been inundated with questions from parents both online and during my Parent Seminars about the game Fortnite. There have been numerous blog posts written and also shared on social media […]

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