Raising Your Child in a Digital World:

Finding a healthy balance of time online without techno tantrums and conflict

Managing screens

What’s all the fuss about Fortnite?

Jul 3, 2018
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I want to write about the dreaded ‘f’ word that’s causing angst in many families.  Fortnite! (Not that word!) In the last couple months, I’ve been inundated with questions from parents both online and during my Parent Seminars about the game Fortnite. There have been numerous blog posts written and also shared on social media […]

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Updated Screen time Guidelines: What Parents Really Need to Know

Nov 23, 2017
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One of the universal digital dilemmas facing modern parents today is how much screen time is healthy or harmful? This is a question nearly every parent I meet wrestles with, as we’re given such conflicting and inconsistent advice when it comes to screen time. New Australian Guidelines On 21st November 2017, the Australian Department of […]

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Is it okay to use screen-time as reward?

Apr 2, 2017
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I’m going to admit that I’m guilty of saying this from time to time, “If you get ready quickly this morning, I’ll let you watch TV.” Why do I do it? Simple, it works. And it’s quick. Rewards are often introduced to make family life easier. Kids reluctant to tidy their room? Then offer them […]

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Why kids can’t turn off screens

Jun 8, 2016
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Techno-tantrums- most of us have experienced the dreaded techno-tantrum with our kids.  This is when our otherwise well-adjusted child (not just a toddler) emotionally combusts when we ask for our smartphone to be handed back, or the TV to be switched off. Today’s children often have digital appendages. They’re often clutching (our) smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles […]

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